The worst mothers in video games

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As we men­tioned be­fore, mothers in video games have either been largely ab­sent, or sim­ply be­haved in ways op­po­site of what is e pected of one. ere are some of the worst among them.

Mass Ef­fect Ma­tri­arch Benezia

While hav­ing noble in­ten­tions of try­ing to guide Saren down a less de­struc­tive path, she her­self ul­ti­mately suc­cumbs to the in uence of the Reaper Sov­er­eign. Be­ing brainwashed by the Reapers is one thing, but hav­ing lived for over a mil­len­nia as Ma­tri­arch, it’s hard to think that she wouldn’t have known bet­ter.

Res­i­dent Evil 2 An­nette Birkin

De­pend­ing on the way you played the game, she could either be putting her daugh­ter through in­cred­i­ble risk and dan­ger by hid­ing the G-Virus in her locket, or cur­ing her of the T-Virus. But either way, she aban­doned Sherry dur­ing a zom­bie apoca­lypse, and that’s not some­thing a mother does.

Fi­nal Fan­tasy VII Jen­ova

Sephi­roth may call her mother, but her only in­volve­ment in play­ing that role was to have her cells in­jected into him while he was still an em­bryo car­ried by Lu­cre­cia Crescent. Does she even know that Sephi­roth calls her that?

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