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Di­ablo III: Rise of the Ne­cro­mancer

GAX (Malaysia) - - REV IEW - By Michael Low

Pri­ests of Rathma

It’s been three years since my Nephalem and I last ven­tured into Sanc­tu­ary and the High Heav­ens to deal the nal blow on Malthael in Reaper of Souls,

and it’s safe to say I have not re­vis­ited Di­ablo III – till now. And it’s all thanks to Rise of the Ne­cro­mancer which, in­stead of a tra­di­tional ex­pan­sion pack, is a US 15 DLC that in­tro­duces the epony­mous char­ac­ter class. It co­in­cided with the re­lease of Patch 2.6.0, which adds weekly Chal­lenge Rifts, two new Act 2 ar­eas (The Moors, The Tem­ple of the First­born) in Ad­ven­ture Mode, and four new Realms of Fate boun­ties. The much-re­quested Ne­cro­mancer class is de­scribed by Bliz­zard as a ‘rei­mag­in­ing’ of his (and her) Di­ablo II in­car­na­tion. Sim­i­lar to the ex­pan­sion’s Cru­sader class, the Ne­cro­mancer is playable in both the story cam­paign and Ad­ven­ture Mode – com­plete with ful­lyvoiced brood­ing one-lin­ers, new tomes, and unique con­ver­sa­tions with NPCs. Fa­mil­iar skills, curses and min­ion sum­mon­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties make a wel­comed re­turn in Di­ablo III, en­hanced by the var­i­ous skill runes, pas­sive buffs, and stream­lined skill tree.

Masters of the dark art

There’s some­thing in­cred­i­bly vis­ceral about the Ne­cro­mancer ex­pe­ri­ence, as you’ll nd your­self bal­anc­ing pri­mary at­tacks (Bone Spikes, Siphon Blood, Grim Scythe) with curses and blood magic to gather enough Essence (and the oc­ca­sional Life points) to cast the lat­ter spells. En­emy corpses can be ma­nip­u­lated in many ways, from messy com­bus­tions to tar­geted pro­jec­tiles, or even con­sumed for Essence – but it’s easy to run out of bod­ies if you’re not care­ful. Iconic sum­mons, such as the skele­tal army, un­dead mages, and Golems, each re­ceived a suitably grotesque ap­pear­ance to tilt the bat­tle­field in your fa­vor. It’s fun to ex­per­i­ment with the ideal com­bi­na­tion that works best for your Ne­cro­mancer build. For con­sole play­ers, those who al­ready owned Di­ablo III: Ul­ti­mate Evil Col­lec­tion on PS4 or Xbox One will have to pur­chase the Rise of the Ne­cro­mancer DLC, while new­com­ers can opt for the Di­ablo III: Eter­nal Col­lec­tion bun­dle. Other bonuses in­clude a Half-Formed Golem in-game pet, Wings of the Crypt Guardian cos­metic item, Ne­cro­mancer-themed bun­dle (ban­ner, sigil, ac­cent), a Blood Mas­ter pen­nant, as well as two ex­tra char­ac­ter slots, and two ad­di­tional stash tabs (ex­clu­sively for PC play­ers).

As good a rea­son as any to re­visit the con­stantly evolv­ing world of Di­ablo III.

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