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Vis­ually sim­i­lar but with en­hanced per­for­mance

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The new TW737 may have sim­i­lar aes­thet­ics to the pre­vi­ous se­ries but ev­ery club is an en­tirely new de­sign from the ground up uti­liz­ing lots of new fea­tures and tech­nol­ogy that Honma is confident will take the new Tour World 737 se­ries to new heights.

The Honma TW737 Se­ries com­prises 4 new driv­ers, 2 ver­sions of the fair­way and util­ity woods along with 4 forged cav­ity back irons, each one util­is­ing Honma's new W-Forg­ing method. Honma de­vel­oped many dozens of hand carved pro­to­types then tested it count­less times in or­der to fi­nal­ize the fi­nal prod­uct. The en­tire

Tour World TW737 Se­ries is geared to­ward the pro­fes­sional, ath­lete, and se­ri­ous golfer.


4 new driv­ers each one with a unique shape, cen­tre of grav­ity lo­ca­tion, face struc­ture, size and per­for­mance at­tributes.

TW737 445 - The 445 is ac­tu­ally a 457cc driver with a pear shape and a shal­low CG depth, its core de­sign con­cepts are high ve­loc­ity + low spin + anti left bias, al­low­ing golfers to swing at it hard and fast. An in­ter­nal weight­ing de­sign caters to the in­side out swing path, a new grain flow forged cup face is an in­dus­try first with the grain flow­ing ver­ti­cally un­like other brands fol­low­ing a con­ven­tional hor­i­zon­tal grain flow, this was specif­i­cally de­signed for the 445 model to pro­duce bet­ter launch an­gles, spin, and dis­tance for the ath­lete player.

TW737 450 - The 450 has the shape and per­for­mance favoured by purists and tra­di­tion­al­ists. It is made for work­a­bil­ity

com­pared to the 455. The 450’s forged 6-4 Ti cup face goes through a triple heat treat­ment process that in­cludes press form­ing and fi­nally a spe­cial high den­sity method that cre­ates un­par­al­leled feel and club­face re­bound.

TW737 455 - The 455 is all about the straight shot, it elim­i­nates sidespin and fea­tures a higher MOI com­pared to the 445 and 450. The club­head is a lit­tle shal­lower yet longer heel to toe. The size is 456cc to be ex­act but the shape ap­pears wider to pro­mote con­fi­dence at ad­dress. Ball flight tra­jec­tory is medium to high and its catered to the bet­ter play­ers.

TW737 460 - The 460 is the most for­giv­ing of the 4 driv­ers, fea­tur­ing a high tra­jec­tory + low spin de­sign with shal­lower rear. The club­face is made of a rolled Ti5N ma­te­rial for the high­est MOI and deep­est CG lo­ca­tion of the se­ries.


TW737 FW & FWc - The new TW737 se­ries of fairways now in­clude a slightly over­sized stan­dard ver­sion and a com­pact "C" model. The main dif­fer­ence is in size and shape, which cre­ates slightly dif­fer­ent per­for­mance char­ac­ter­is­tics. The stan­dard model pro­motes a higher launch and straighter shot while the “C” model is all about work­a­bil­ity with a slightly lower tra­jec­tory. Both mod­els fea­ture a steel forged cup face with stain­less steel body.


TW737 Forged Irons - There are a to­tal of 4 irons in the lat­est line up, with the VS model now sit­ting in be­tween the V and the most for­giv­ing P ver­sion. The VN/V/VS irons all fea­ture the same amount of off­set al­low­ing golfers to make a combo set of irons and also the rea­son why Honma has evolved the TW737 se­ries of irons into mod­els that play well stand­alone or as a combo. Honma uses an im­proved W-Forg­ing method for the irons, and a new and spe­cial pro­pri­etary blend of S25C ma­te­rial. The re­sult­ing feel is a soft sen­sa­tion while the ma­te­rial it­self is stronger es­pe­cially in the top area of the club­face where it is denser. The pur­pose of this is to make off cen­tre shots more sta­ble and more for­giv­ing, re­duc­ing poor re­sults from a bad shot.

The TW737 P ver­sion iron has a lit­tle more off­set, an un­der­cut cav­ity, and a softer feel­ing at im­pact. Honma wanted to pro­duce a longer and more for­giv­ing iron that had a touch more bulk, it is still a Tour World iron that would still ap­peal to mid hand­i­cap­pers or pro­fes­sion­als.

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