Epic Dis­tance & For­give­ness

Call­away Great Big Bertha Epic se­ries of driv­ers with Jail­break tech­nol­ogy

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Call­away‘s new Great Big Bertha Epic se­ries of Driv­ers, are a true par­a­digm shift in tour driver per­for­mance and are based on Call­away's in­no­va­tive new Jail­break Tech­nol­ogy, which fun­da­men­tally changes how the head and club­face be­have at im­pact to de­liver more ball speed and dis­tance.

At im­pact, a met­al­wood's face flexes and the crown bulges up­ward while the sole bulges down­ward. Jail­break bars form a firm con­nec­tion be­tween the crown and sole to in­hibit their flex­ing. That puts more of the load of im­pact on the face. Physi­cists call this "en­ergy

lens­ing." In Epic, it pro­motes faster ball speed for more dis­tance.

"Tour driv­ers typ­i­cally em­pha­size the per­for­mance bet­ter play­ers want most – speed, low spin and con­trol

– at the ex­pense of for­give­ness," said Dr. Alan Hock­nell, Call­away's se­nior vice pres­i­dent of R&D. "GBB Epic se­ries com­bine tour per­for­mance and for­give­ness to make it a break­through in driver en­gi­neer­ing. Jail­break Tech­nol­ogy cre­ates a new and re­mark­ably ef­fi­cient work­ing re­la­tion­ship be­tween the face, crown and sole to pro­mote faster ball speed across more of the face to give the golfer more dis­tance," said Hock­nell.

Both Epic club­heads are made from One-piece Cast­ing to min­i­mize en­ergy loss at im­pact and to cre­ate high­est ball speed while con­form­ing and keep­ing within the CT limit. Both heads have three-way car­bon wo­ven (Tri-

Ax­ial) ma­te­rial on the crown and sole to al­low more free weights place­ment on the heads. Tri-Ax­ial car­bon is lighter than Ti­ta­nium and thin­ner than Forged Com­pos­ite.

Epic Sub Zero has front and back ad­justable weight (12g and 2g) to cre­ate Low or High spin con­trol and an ad­justable hosel. While the Epic Star has Perime­ter weight­ing for CG Bias con­trol, but a non-ad­justable hosel. In sum­mary, Epic Sub Zero is more a Low Spin Driver, and Epic Star is a Speed Driver.

Both club­head speeds gets a boost from Call­away's Speed Step tech­nol­ogy. De­signed with the di­rec­tion of aero­space ex­perts, the Speed

Step, lo­cated on the crown, im­proves aero­dy­nam­ics for more speed and dis­tance, and a new im­proved Hy­per Speed Forged Face Cup.

Stan­dard shaft for both Epic driv­ers is the Speeder EVO­LU­TION. While

Sub Zero has the op­tion of Tour AD TP-6, Speeder EVO­LU­TION III 661 or Dia­mana BF 60 as cus­tom shafts, Star has op­tion of Tour AD TP-5, Speeder EVO­LU­TION III 569 or Fubuki V as al­ter­na­tive choices.

In Sum­mary, GBB Epic Driv­ers of­fer much more “dis­tance” with their jail­break tech­nol­ogy and Speed Step Crown. Much more “for­give­ness” with the Car­bon Tri­ax­ial ma­te­rial crown and sole. And choice of 2 heads, Sub Zero to go fur­ther with spin con­trol, or Star to go fur­ther with speed and CG bias con­trol.

Call­away Golf also has a full line of com­pli­men­tary GBB Epic Fair­way Woods. The GBB Epic se­ries driv­ers and fair­way woods will be avail­able in South East Asia be­gin­ning mid-March 2017.


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