10 STUPID MIS­TAKES (and how to stop them!)

Put an end to the daft er­rors you know you re­ally shouldn’t make


Golf, we are of­ten told, is a game of misses – and most of them we can’t be blamed for. Af­ter all, the game isn’t ex­actly easy. How­ever there are some er­rors that, if we are hon­est, we re­ally shouldn’t make. Many of us, for ex­am­ple, never tee the ball up in the same po­si­tion in our stance from one drive to the next. We are also chronic un­der-read­ers of putts; and plenty of us are se­rial duf­fers of sim­ple chips. These are all sim­ple er­rors eas­ily avoided – and here, two of elite top 50 coaches have joined forces to put an end to 10 such Doh! mo­ments.

Pho­tographed at the Palmeraie and Ourika re­sorts, Mar­rakech, Morocco. Visit palm­golf­club­mar­rakech.com


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