Aim­ing your body, not the club­face, at the tar­get

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Many ama­teurs work hard to get their feet, hips and shoul­ders aim­ing dead at the tar­get at set-up. The prob­lem with that is that you don’t hit the ball with your body, you hit it with the club – and be­cause we stand to the side of the ball, they can’t both aim at the tar­get at the same time. Fol­low this guide to eas­ily solve this prob­lem.

Go par­al­lel

Good align­ment, and a bet­ter swing path, needs feet, hips and shoul­ders par­al­lel to your ball-tar­get line. For the right-han­der, that means them aim­ing a lit­tle left of the tar­get.

Crossed lines

The ball-tar­get line is dif­fer­ent to the body-tar­get line. Aim your body at the pin and you ef­fec­tively aim club­face and ball to the right. You must come ‘over the top’ to hit the ball straight, a move that breeds a slice.

Aim the butt

Place the club across your chest to find the par­al­lel po­si­tion with the ball­tar­get line for your feet, hips and shoul­ders. When you get it right, the butt will point left of tar­get.

Square align­ment

Use the ball-tar­get line as your start­ing point. Take some time to vi­su­alise it, then po­si­tion the club­face square to it be­fore tak­ing your stance and set­ting up square around it.

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