Chop­ping down steeply with irons

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Club play­ers have been bom­barded by the in­struc­tion to hit down on their iron shots, to the ex­tent that many overdo it. It cre­ates a weak chop­ping ac­tion, when in fact a sub­tle de­scend­ing blow is all that’s needed. Here’s how to get a bet­ter understanding of the de­sired at­tack an­gle.

Bet­ter by de­grees

The av­er­age 7-iron at­tack an­gle on Tour is 4.3º down. To re­alise how sub­tle that is, buy an im­pact board and prop up its back edge with a tee an inch or so into the turf; it shows the 4 or 5˚ an­gle.

Blade run­ner

To flat­ten a steep at­tack, place the propped-up board six inches be­hind the ball. Hit 7-irons, pic­tur­ing the sole of the club trac­ing the board’s an­gle into the back of the ball.

New ap­proach

The canes il­lus­trate the dif­fer­ence be­tween the overly steep at­tack and the shal­lower one. The cor­rect, shal­lower at­tack fo­cuses the swing’s low point just af­ter im­pact.

Choppy wa­ters

When we try too hard to hit down, we send the club’s en­ergy down into the turf in­stead of forward into the ball. If you’re lucky enough to catch the ball cleanly you’ll gen­er­ate an er­ratic and in­ef­fec­tive flight– ei­ther pop­ping the ball up or driv­ing it too low.

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