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Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 13°

Stock shaft: Ma­trix Speed Rulz A-Type

Ad­justable hosel: Yes

How much loft change: +/-1°

TECH: The light­est ad­justable driver, the the­ory be­ing you swing faster with the same amount of ef­fort. Mi­cro-vor­tex gen­er­a­tors on the crown aid aero­dy­nam­ics.

WE SAY: Wil­son’s idea of go­ing su­per-light with ev­ery com­po­nent is an in­ter­est­ing con­cept. In our minds there’s no doubt the con­cept’s sound, as long as you’re able to “time” shots on a con­sis­tent ba­sis. Our three testers saw a mix of spikes and troughs in per­for­mance (long in­di­vid­ual shots) with some pretty big drop-offs in ball speeds and carry on mishits. The D300 didn’t quite power through with max dis­tances for any tester (though one 311-yard carry for our pro was im­pres­sive), but it put in a solid just above-av­er­age per­for­mance.

VER­DICT: We of­ten hear golfers talk about how they like to “feel” where the club is dur­ing the swing. If you’re that type of player you might strug­gle to get to grips with the D300, be­cause it’s so light. But if you’re a slower swinger who wants as much oomph from your ac­tion as pos­si­ble, try it.

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