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golf.mizu­noeu­rope.com Lofts: 3/15°; 5/18°; 7/21° Stock shaft: Fu­jikura Speeder Evolution 2 Ad­justable hosel: Yes How much loft change: +/-2°

TECH: A 15g weight can be fixed at any point along the JPX’s cen­tral track to lower tra­jec­tory and spin or in­crease for­give­ness and launch. A shock­wave sole con­tracts and ex­pands dur­ing im­pact trans­fer­ring more en­ergy to the ball.

WE SAY: Just like the JPX900 driver and hy­brid the fair­way has a re­ally invit­ing head shape that just wants to be hit. We love how, like the hy­brid, the painted crown fin­ishes a cou­ple of mil­lime­tres back from the top edge, which gives the im­pres­sion of the face be­ing larger than it ac­tu­ally is. That 15g slid­ing weight is 10g lighter than Tay­lorMade’s M1 and be­cause the track doesn’t let you move the weight to the very back of the head we saw lit­tle dif­fer­ence in launch an­gle, spin and carry switching the weight be­tween the most for­ward and back po­si­tions.

VER­DICT: A re­ally nice fair­way that will per­form at its best in the hands of mid to fast swing speeds. In the hands of a se­ri­ous golfer, and with the right set-up, it’s work­able and ver­sa­tile off fair­way or tee.

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