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Lofts: 2/16°, 3/19°, 4/22° Stock shaft: Miyazaki Kaula Hy­brid 7 Ad­justable hosel: No

TECH: Lower and deeper CGs in the lower lofts pro­mote higher ini­tial launch, while more rounded soles in the higher lofts pro­mote ex­tra ver­sa­til­ity from any lie.

WE SAY: Our test re­veals just how dif­fer­ent hy­brids re­ally can be, but what if you want a hy­brid that brings every­thing to­gether in a single model? That’s where the H65 en­ters the con­ver­sa­tion, as it’s a real blend of a mid-wide body per­for­mance with the low­er­spin char­ac­ter­is­tics of a much nar­rower head. Our pro loved the feel of the H65 and by car­ry­ing all his test shots to within four yards of each other we have to say it’s pretty ac­cu­rate and con­sis­tent, too. Chris Jones posted his joint long­est carry dis­tance av­er­age (with the Call­away XR OS) with the H65 which has to say it’s a blend that can work in the club golfer’s hands as well.

VER­DICT: Srixon aren’t renowned for their wood de­signs yet and with the H65 weigh­ing in at a hefty US$244 it’s un­likely to change with this model. But if you like the look of a wider hy­brid, but would benefit from low­er­ing spin, it of­fers a great so­lu­tion.

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