Golf Asia (Malaysia) - - GOLFING | GEARGUIDE -­away­ Avail­abil­ity: 3-SW inc AW (stock set 4-PW)

Stock shaft: True Tem­per XP 95 (s) UST Mamiya Re­coil (g)

7i loft/length: 31° / 37”

TECH: Call­away has taken the cup face that’s so pop­u­lar in its woods and ap­plied it to a forged iron. Each head is quadru­ple forged from soft 1025 car­bon steel for soft feel.

WE SAY: The Apex is now in its sec­ond year, yet all three testers still loved them. The heads are a bit smaller and sleeker than some of the irons here, but they are just adorable. So adorable, we reckon they’re one of the nicest irons avail­able in this cat­e­gory for years, so if you want a set now is the time to get them, as there’s ev­ery chance they’ll dis­ap­pear at the end of 2017. De­spite not hav­ing the strong­est loft the Apex pro­duced the long­est carry (180m with a 7-iron) and joint fastest single ball speed (with the M1) for our test pro, which is im­pres­sive from soft, forged heads.

VER­DICT: If how irons look is im­por­tant to you, but your game de­mands good for­give­ness, you must look at the Apex. They are a beau­ti­ful set and prove GI tech doesn’t have to mean irons look like shov­els.

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