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golf.mizu­noeu­rope.com Lofts: 46° / 48° / 50° / 52° / 54° / 56° / 58° / 60° / 62° Head op­tions: Fin­ishes; White Satin or Blue IP Shaft: True Tem­per Dy­namic Gold (plus 16 oth­ers at no up­charge)

TECH: For the first time Mizuno has used boron in a wedge, say­ing it makes the grooves more durable so you get sharper per­for­mance for longer.

WE SAY: Wedges, like put­ters, are re­ally per­sonal bits of kit. So you’ll need to make up your own mind if you’re a fan of the T7’s high toe, low heel teardrop head shape. For two of our three testers it wasn’t their favourite. The head’s a bit smaller than the S5, it has a classy glare-re­duc­ing satin fin­ish and its lead­ing edge sits nice and tight to the turf, which in­creases con­fi­dence over rounder al­ter­na­tives. It didn’t quite break through the magic 10k spin ceil­ing for any full shot, but it came close.

VER­DICT: The T7 didn’t come out right at the very top of the tree for spin, but it was right among the pre­mium brand pack. For us the at­trac­tive­ness lies in the op­tions the T7 is avail­able in.

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