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Head op­tions: Ver­sa­tile, Classic and Wide Low sole Shaft: True Tem­per Dy­namic Gold S200

TECH: The PUR’s new raw fin­ish pro­vides max­i­mum spin, as over time it’s de­signed to rust, adding fric­tion be­tween club and ball. A 304 stain­less steel head max­imises feel. 100% CNC-milled face.

WE SAY: The round­ness of the head shapes are per­haps a nod back to Co­bra’s “Trusty Rusty” heritage and the shape was the first thing our test pro picked up on. It was very quickly fol­lowed by su­perla­tives about how soft and re­spon­sive the PUR’s felt. Head shape is sub­jec­tive so we have ab­so­lutely no doubt plenty will like it, along with its ex­cel­lent abil­ity to pro­duce well above av­er­age spin on both full and shorter shots.

VER­DICT: Re­mem­ber the PUR’s head is raw, which means it’s not plated, so it will rust. If you’re a lover of more rounded head shape and want de­cent value for money, then the PUR is an ex­cel­lent op­tion in 2017.

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