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www.tay­lor­made­golf.com Head­weight: 350g

Grip: Lamkin or Su­perStroke

Toe hang: Mod­er­ate

TECH: Skim milling and a tour satin fin­ish give a re­ally crisp ap­pear­ance at ad­dress while new 45° face grooves and a 6061 alu­minium face in­sert en­sure putts skid less and roll quicker.

WE SAY: We of­ten talk about how mal­let put­ters can bet­ter suit a straight back and through stroke, but the Mullen’s de­cent amount of toe hang means it’s well suited to those with an arc­ing mo­tion, too. A two-line align­ment set-up is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent to most, as nei­ther stripe points to the po­si­tion of im­pact. But we felt it framed the ball re­ally nicely and gave a good in­di­ca­tion of the put­ter’s takeaway path.

VER­DICT: If you’re lucky enough to have a nicely arc­ing putting stroke and have been look­ing for a mal­let put­ter to suit it, the Mullen is right up your street. Some will say it is a lot of money for what ap­pears to be a pretty sim­ple de­sign, but skim milling ratch­ets up costs.

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