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www.cleve­land­ Head­weight: 370g

Grip: Lamkin TFi

Toe hang: Face bal­anced

TECH: Cleve­land says 80% of golfers don’t have their eyes di­rectly over the ball when putting. They reckon by rais­ing the align­ment aid to ex­actly half the size of a golf ball, they’ve cre­ated the most ac­cu­rate aid ever.

WE SAY: Any MOI put­ter worth its salt comes with some sort of hol­low body or “fanged” head de­sign, as weight split be­tween the fangs im­proves sta­bil­ity and for­give­ness when putts are hit off-cen­tre. The re­ally clever bit of de­sign, though, comes in blend­ing those fangs into a de­sign which isn’t dis­tract­ing – and the Elevado does that in spades. It’s a re­ally sim­ple, straight­for­ward matt black head with a single sil­ver align­ment stripe right at the same height as the cen­tre of the ball. It’s a clever idea, and if you’re the type of golfer who strug­gles with aim, the Elevado is worth try­ing.

VER­DICT: A very solid MOI put­ter and with a price tag un­der US$167 it won’t bust the bank. Thanks to the soft in­sert and poly­mer backer it feels good, and its cir­cu­lar groove tech has the ca­pa­bil­ity to roll putts along­side the best.

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