A Line In The Sand

A drill to boost your bunker con­sis­tency

Golf Asia (Malaysia) - - INSTRUCTION -

There are a few es­sen­tial as­pects to hit­ting suc­cess­ful bunker shots: open the club­face (be­fore you take your grip, not af­ter); cre­ate a wide base and favour your left foot with your weight by “punch­ing” into your left knee; use the bounce on the sole of the club­head to pre­vent it dig­ging in. What I want to fo­cus on here is the en­try point to the sand. I bet lots of you read­ing this think you en­ter the sand far enough ahead of the ball; in fact, lots of you will en­ter it too close to the ball. There might also be a few who en­ter it too far away – and pos­si­bly too steeply. So I want you to re­mem­ber this vis­ual “im­pact” test: Put a rake or a club shaft in a prac­tise bunker three inches be­hind the ball and step on it to make an im­pres­sion in the sand (A). Now I want you to prac­tise splash­ing the ball out us­ing the fun­da­men­tals I men­tioned at the start, but cru­cially by en­ter­ing the sand at the first line you’ve made (B). Do that with a pos­i­tive ac­tion (see the note tip over the page to help do that), and the ball will float out.

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