How to Hit More Greens

You can start by avoid­ing these mis­takes

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here are lots of rea­sons golfers miss greens— poor con­tact, over­swing­ing, too much curve on the ball. But the root prob­lem is usu­ally one of three bad habits:

T1. not tak­ing enough club.

I al­most never see an am­a­teur hit over the green on a full­swing ap­proach. When fac­ing a full 8-iron shot, take the 7 and swing smoothly. You’ll hit the ball more solidly, and get the dis­tance right.

2. aim­ing poorly.

This stems from just not think­ing prop­erly. Most golfers are happy to put the ball any­where on the green, so they aim at the mid­dle. Prob­lem is, that doesn’t al­low for their nat­u­ral shot shape. For ex­am­ple, if you’re a left-to-right player and you aim at the mid­dle, your tar­get goes from the whole green to just the right half. In­stead, aim at the left edge of the green.

3. try­ing to help the ball up.

The club’s loft will send the shot plenty high if you hit it flush. Here’s a great way to stop lift­ing: When you hit irons on the range, hover the club­head a few inches at ad­dress so you have to hit down to get to the ball. You’ll learn to shift for­ward and swing down and through.

Butch Har­mon

is a Golf Digest Teach­ing Pro­fes­sional. Some peo­ple think a shorter swing means shorter shots, but of­ten the op­po­site is true. Short, wide back­swings, where the hands stretch away from the body (above), cre­ate a big­ger arc than long swings where the arms col­lapse at the top. The key is how much you turn your body. As long as you make a good windup be­hind the ball, a short swing can be pow­er­ful. golfdi­gest­malaysia

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