Squared Straight

Two sim­ple ad­just­ments to hit great short-game shots

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he stan­dard oper­at­ing pro­ce­dure on chips and pitches is to set up open to your tar­get and swing the club down and left through im­pact. You can hit the ball solidly this way, but it’s tough to con­trol the tra­jec­tory and di­rec­tion with­out a lot of prac­tice.

An eas­ier and more re­li­able way to hit these shots is from a square stance. That means your toes, hips and shoul­ders should be aligned par­al­lel left of your tar­get. Put a lit­tle more weight

TBran­don Stooksbury

on your left leg than your right, and make sure your shoul­ders are fairly level. The ball should be cen­tered be­tween your feet for a medium-tra­jec­tory shot; a lit­tle more for­ward if you want to hit it higher.

When you swing, fo­cus on mov­ing the club­head to­ward the tar­get (above). A help­ful vis­ual is to imag­ine you’re toss­ing the ball un­der­hand. You wouldn’t throw it left of your tar­get. You’d go di­rectly at it. That’s all there is to this tech­nique. teaches at Idle Hour Club in Ma­con, Ga.

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