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No kid­ding. Hen­der­son is only 5-foot4, but she uses the com­bi­na­tion of a strong lower body, hy­per­mo­bile wrists and great tim­ing to power through the ball like some­one who is much larger. That’s not to say she’s the long­est on tour. France’s Joanna Klat­ten is 14 yards longer off the tee on av­er­age. But Hen­der­son’s tech­nique, in­clud­ing us­ing a 48-inch driver (three inches longer than stan­dard), could lead to even more dis­tance as she ma­tures, her fa­ther and coach, Dave Hen­der­son, says.

Brooke, who turns 20 Sept. 10, be­gan de­vel­op­ing her pow­er­ful swing in the most un­usual place. She was a goalie for the Cana­dian na­tional girls’ ju­nior hockey team at 14, and that helped make her lower body very strong, Dave says.

“When you grow up play­ing goalie, you get used to car­ry­ing 60 pounds of equip­ment,” he says. “You learn to use your legs for lever­age and power. So it was easy for her

to tran­si­tion to swing­ing a driver.”

Study­ing Hen­der­son’s swing here, look at how sta­ble her lower body is un­til it’s time to slash the club through the hit­ting area. Then her legs and feet come to life. The irony is that she learned to be sta­ble on one of the most un­sta­ble of sur­faces—ice.

“You might fo­cus on how far she takes the club back, but the way she uses her lower body is very ef­fec­tive,” says Golf Di­gest Teach­ing Pro­fes­sional Josh Zan­der. “Every­thing from how sta­ble and grounded she is go­ing back, to the way she shifts her weight, to her spring­ing off the ground—it’s all demon­stra­tive of some­one who knows how to use their legs to gen­er­ate power and hit the ball hard.”

Zan­der, who teaches at Stan­ford Golf Course and nearby Sharon Heights Golf and Coun­try Club in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia, pro­vides an anal­y­sis of Hen­der­son’s swing be­low, and what you can take from it.

“She knows how to use her lower body to gen­er­ate power.”—Josh Zan­der

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