From a sen­si­ble mis­take to the ab­surdly in­ten­tional, what are the harsh­est things that rou­tinely hap­pen to greens? Ac­cord­ing to a pair of su­per­in­ten­dents, they are:

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▶ Golfers of­ten drag their feet, hurt­ing the green for a few days. ▶ Gen­eral overuse.

▶ Walk­ing across the green af­ter a snow­storm packs down the snow and hurts the grass. ▶ Spilled drinks: Af­ter the mem­ber­guest, you find a lot of dead patches on the greens and can smell the al­co­hol on the grass. ▶ Geese and other an­i­mals walk­ing on the greens. mod­er­ate

▶ Par­ties: trash left out, peo­ple run­ning on the green. ▶ Spray paint. ▶ Spray-on sun­block/bug spray. You end up with green foot­prints sur­rounded by dead turf. The chem­i­cals kill the grass. ▶ Squir­rels try­ing to bury nuts on the green. ▶ Div­ots—ei­ther out of anger or play­ers try­ing to pick up the ball with their putters. ▶ Reach­ing into the cup with a put­ter. ▶ Ashes from cig­a­rettes, cigars and . . . hu­mans. One man had his re­mains spread on a green. His mem­ory lived on, but the grass did not. ▶ Fire ex­tin­guish­ers. the most se­vere ▶ Mo­tor ve­hi­cles —claire rogers

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