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Got a stain on your fa­vorite golf shirt? Don’t worry—it won’t take a mir­a­cle to get it look­ing sharp again. food Dab dish soap + vine­gar + cold wa­ter on stain. Let sit for 30 min­utes. Wash with warm wa­ter. grass Work vine­gar or rub­bing al­co­hol onto stain, rinse, then ap­ply liq­uid de­ter­gent and rinse again. sun­block Spritz stain with lemon juice and let sit for five min­utes. Rinse with cool wa­ter. odors Rub bak­ing soda + wa­ter on af­fected area. Pour bak­ing soda or white vine­gar into wash. Wash in hot wa­ter, with clothes in­sid­e­out. Air-dry. note The ear­lier you treat a stain, the bet­ter. Dab it with wa­ter when you’re on the course. Af­ter treat­ment, air-dry it first be­cause high heat will set the stain. —claire rogers

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