A low right shoul­der is Ball-strik­ing 101

Go Full Tilt

Golf Digest (Malaysia) - - Play Your Best - BY PA­TRICK NUBER —WITH MATTHEW RUDY

t’s easy to go into a trance watch­ing tour play­ers hit shots. They swing so ef­fort­lessly that it’s hard to pick out what they’re do­ing dif­fer­ently than you. But one ben­e­fit of our SwingTRU study is that you don’t have to fig­ure it out. We’ve done it for you. Our anal­y­sis of tens of thou­sands of swings en­abled us to iden­tify the dif­fer­ences between how the best play­ers—and ones at ev­ery hand­i­cap level—play golf. One thing that stands out is shoul­der tilt from the point of im­pact into the fol­low-through.

Shoul­der tilt is the an­gle you’d get if you drew a line across the top of your shoul­ders and mea­sured it in re­la­tion to the ground. Great play­ers have about 50 de­grees of tilt as they swing through im­pact, but high­hand­i­cap­pers gen­er­ally lose their pos­ture dur­ing the swing and make a more level shoul­der turn (see chart).

When you don’t have enough tilt, it’s very hard to get

Iy­our swing mov­ing in the right di­rec­tion from in­side the tar­get line through the ball. The re­sult is a lot of big slices with the driver, poor con­tact and deep div­ots with irons, and a lack of dis­tance con­trol from club to club.

If you’re not tilt­ing enough, try this drill. You don’t even need a club. Hold a ball in your dom­i­nant hand and get in your golf pos­ture. Toss it un­der­handed to­ward a tar­get while keep­ing your right ear pointed at the ground and your right shoul­der lower than your left. Keep do­ing this over and over.

Trans­fer that feel to your swing, and you’ll start see­ing an im­prove­ment in your ball­strik­ing—that in­cludes pick­ing up a club or two in dis­tance. ▶ GolfTEC’s SwingTRU mo­tion study mea­sured 40,000 golfers of all hand­i­caps and found that elite play­ers tilt their shoul­ders roughly 20 per­cent more than 100-shoot­ers through im­pact. Tilt is de­fined as the an­gle of the shoul­ders in re­la­tion to the ground af­ter the club strikes the ball. The data sug­gests that many am­a­teurs strug­gle to re­main in the pos­ture they were in at ad­dress.

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