Ben An With a swing like his, put this 20-some­thing on your watch list

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Ben’s swing is sim­ple and ef­fi­cient, says his swing coach, David Lead­bet­ter. “We’ve worked to build a repet­i­tive swing where he doesn’t have to over­think,” Lead­bet­ter says. “It starts with a solid setup. His hands are frac­tion­ally be­hind the ball. That al­lows him to shift away with min­i­mum fuss.”


As the left shoul­der moves down and away from the tar­get, he’s wind­ing his core against his lower body. “It’s a big wind­ing of the core,” Lead­bet­ter says. “Part of what makes that pos­si­ble is how sta­ble his feet and knees are as he takes the club back.” That torquing ac­tion against a sta­ble base stores power.


“As his club reaches the top, this is where you re­ally see how ef­fi­cient Ben’s swing is,” Lead­bet­ter says. “He’s fully wound up with his core, but look at how short his arm swing ap­pears. This is one of the things he’s worked on the past cou­ple years to build con­sis­tency. It’s a move eas­ier to re­peat.”

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