Pro­claim your love with the Estrella Di­a­mond, now cel­e­bra ng 10 years of en­chan ng per­fec on.

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The love of a life me is for­ever sealed with a di­a­mond. It is a prom­ise of new be­gin­nings, an as­sur­ance of joy­ous days ahead, and a jour­ney brim­ming with en­rich­ing mo­ments. Di­a­monds – a unique mir­a­cle of na­ture – have al­ways held such al­lure and ro­man cism; highly trea­sured since an­cient Greek and Ro­man mes. The Estrella di­a­mond has an edge as one of Earth’s rarest, the epitome of per­fec on in pro­por on, pol­ish, and sym­me­try.


There is no il­lu­sion; the beauty of a di­a­mond lies in its cut. Un­veiled in 2004, the Estrella – Span­ish for star – has an im­mac­u­late cut. The world’s most skill­ful cra smen me cu­lously cut and pol­ish the Estrella, tak­ing ten mes the amount of me and ef­fort, to en­sure ex­act pre­ci­sion, pro­por on, and sym­me­try.

As a re­sult, the stone achieves max­i­mum re­flec on of bril­liance and re­frac on of a spec­trum of colours; hence the white and rain­bow light ef­fect on the hu­man eye. It’s noth­ing short of as­ton­ish­ing. Di­a­monds such as the Estrella, when cut pre­cisely and in per­fect pro­por on, ex­hibit eight per­fectly formed hearts and ar­rows. The Estrella is truly one in a mil­lion – less than 0.1 per­cent of the world’s di­a­monds can be made into an Estrella. Such is the tes mony of its ex­clu­siv­ity.

Each Estrella car­ries an in­scrip on on its gir­dle, in­vis­i­ble to the naked eye. This is proof of devo on to dis nc on: Your di­a­mond is ex­quis­ite, rare, and of the high­est qual­ity. Only di­a­monds that meet the strin­gent grad­ing sys­tem of cut, clar­ity, colour, and carat – the very essence of what de­fines an out­stand­ing di­a­mond – can be­come an Estrella.


When shop­ping for a ring, do ask about cut, colour, clar­ity, and carat for th­ese de­ter­mine a di­a­mond’s qual­ity, con­tribu ng to its beauty and value. The com­bina on of the four Cs ren­ders the di­a­mond its dis nct per­son­al­ity, and is an in­te­gral part of the evalua on process.

The cut has the most sig­nif­i­cant im­pact on the beauty of a di­a­mond com­pared to any sin­gle char­ac­teris c of the four Cs. Al­though na­ture pro­vides the founda on of a beau ful di­a­mond, it takes the work of the finest mas­ter cu er to re­veal a di­a­mond’s true bril­liance.

A fine di­a­mond al­lows white light to ef­fort­lessly pass through and dis­perse again with­out much dis­tor on from its nat­u­ral colour. High qual­ity is main­tained with th­ese near colour­less di­a­monds.

A di­a­mond that is truly flaw­less is most cov­eted be­cause it con­tains no in­clu­sions to dis­rupt the amount of light pass­ing through, for op mal fire, bril­liance, and scin lla on.

Carat is ac­tu­ally a mea­sure of weight. De­pend­ing on the cut of a par cu­lar di­a­mond, two di­a­monds of the same carat might dif­fer in size. There­fore, big­ger is not nec­es­sar­ily be er.



Just as ar sts pay par cu­lar a en on to the fram­ing of the can­vas, the Estrella di­a­mond is set in only the purest and most pre­cious Pt950 pla num. 35 mes rarer than gold, Pt950 is com­monly used in most of its jewellery de­signs, es­pe­cially in en­gage­ment rings and wed­ding bands, to sym­bol­ise eter­nal love and pu­rity. The pla num com­ple­ments the di­a­mond, pre­serv­ing its essence and beauty.


While love, trust, and com­mit­ment are cru­cial in­gre­di­ents for a healthy mar­riage, let’s not over­look a rather more tan­gi­ble fac­tor – the en­gage­ment ring. A happy bride will wear her en­gage­ment ring for the rest of her life; so de­sign, se ng, and cut – re­flec ons of the bride’s sparkling per­son­al­ity and style – must be con­sid­ered when se­lec ng a ring.

A li le care can go a long way. The Estrella di­a­mond has been the pre­ferred choice for pro­pos­als since its de­but al­most a decade ago.

The Estrella di­a­mond is a labour of love

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