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Akita is a re­gion in Ja­pan that is fa­mous for its paddy fields, sake brew­eries, and beau­ti­ful women. Th­ese beau­ties – or bi­jin in Ja­panese – are of­ten times con­sid­ered to have highly de­sir­able qual­i­ties of beauty: clear, fair, and bright skin, rounded faces, and pro­por­tion­ate fea­tures, says Miyamoto- san, the sci­en­tist who led the re­search for SK-II. Over 100 women be­tween 16 and 74 years of age were sub­jected to the brand’s watch­ful eyes for 10 years, with the re­sult­ing dis­cov­ery of what ul­ti­mately de­fines true clar­ity of the skin. “Th­ese are the five di­men­sions of tex­ture, ra­di­ance, firm­ness, spot con­trol, and wrin­kle re­silience. We saw that women in their teens and 20s mainly had early age­ing signs in terms of ra­di­ance and firm­ness, whereas women in their 30s and 40s had age­ing signs in the ar­eas of tex­ture, ra­di­ance, and spots,” ex­plains Miyamoto- san. “In the sec­ond part of the Akita Study, we mea­sured and tracked the skin changes of more than 80 women over a one-year pe­riod to see how their skin re­sponded to a three-step reg­i­men of SK-II prod­ucts and sun­screen,” con­tin­ues Miyamoto- san. With daily use of the Facial Treat­ment Essence, anti-age­ing, whitening prod­ucts, and sun­screen, sci­en­tists found that the women ex­pe­ri­enced up to 90 per­cent of vis­i­ble im­prove­ments in the tex­ture and ap­pear­ance of their skin.

While con­duct­ing the world’s first ever holis­tic track­ing study, SK- II pulls in re­sults that show how you can turn back the clock and un­veil crys­tal clear skin with just four sim­ple steps.

The Akita re­gion, Ja­pan

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