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Sick of ra­zor bumps and burns? It is time to amp up your at-home shav­ing rou­tine with th­ese shav­ing tips and tools from Tru­e­fitt & Hill. Open up your pores by sim­ply tak­ing a hot shower or hold a hot towel over your face and neck. Ap­ply shav­ing oil for a slicker and smoother shave. Try Tru­e­fitt & Hill’s Pre- Shave Oil. Lather up your shav­ing cream with the Su­per Badger Shav­ing Brush from Tru­e­fitt & Hill. Make short strokes with your ra­zor, along the di­rec­tion of your fa­cial hair, re-lather, and go back by shav­ing against the di­rec­tion for the clos­est shave. Lastly, close up your open pores by rins­ing with cold wa­ter, then fol­low up with your favourite af­ter­shave.

Tru­e­fitt & Hill Su­per Badger Shav­ing Brush, RM440

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