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I’m nat­u­rally an early riser. I like that re­ally dawn­like part of the morn­ing, and I don’t need a proper alarm clock to wake up. When I’m on the road the first thing I do is try to re­mem­ber where the hell I am. 6.30AM I make a del­ish first (and usu­ally only) cup of re­ally strong French press cof­fee – ac­tu­ally it’s more like a bowl than a cup. Then I get back in bed and read for about an hour. Lately I’ve been pag­ing through The Cool School, a great col­lec­tion of Beat sto­ries that my friend Glenn O’Brien edited, and I’m also read­ing about zom­bie wards in World War Z. 8AM Break­fast can be any­thing. When I’m home it’s what­ever’s in the fridge. When I’m trav­el­ling it’s usu­ally fruit, eggs or ce­real at the ho­tel. I try to be gluten-free when­ever pos­si­ble and avoid dairy. On tour I like to stay at the Sun­set Mar­quis in Los An­ge­les; I love the gar­dens there, and the bar is a lot of fun. One of my favourite ho­tels to wake up in is the St. David’s, a beau­ti­ful spot in Wales. 9AM I work out with a trainer sev­eral days a week about mid-morn­ing; I bathe when I get home. I dress quickly and ca­su­ally if I don’t have busi­ness meet­ings, but if I do I try to wear some­thing that will work for the en­tire day and evening. If you look in my closet, you’ll see ev­ery­thing from mo­tor­cy­cle jack­ets to Yves Saint Lau­rent. I love Marc Ja­cobs; I love Comme des Garçons. I have a Ba­len­ci­aga skirt that I ab­so­lutely adore and a won­der­ful coat by Chris Benz. I can’t wear heels as much as I would like to, but I do have a pretty great col­lec­tion – lots of Louboutins and some yel­low patent leather Manolo Blah­niks that are just killer. I have fab­u­lous boots, too, in­clud­ing new suede Ver­saces with bead­ing and crosses, and furry leop­ard thigh-highs by Alexan­der Wang. Some­times I paint my shoes – Stephen Sprouse taught me how to spray-paint them. I love make-up, though I don’t wear it un­less I’m work­ing. The ex­cep­tion is lip­stick, which I wear ev­ery day. I use make-up from Ed­ward Bess, MAC, and Chante­caille. 10PM Around this time, I’ll usu­ally prop my­self up on a bunch of fluffy pil­lows in bed and chan­nel-surf. Like a lot of peo­ple, I re­ally en­joy the very strange and sar­cas­tic car­toons on the Adult Swim net­work, par­tic­u­larly the show Squid­bil­lies. It’s kind of like The Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies but with a fam­ily of an­thro­po­mor­phic mud squids. I have two dogs, and they fol­low me ev­ery­where. If I don’t let them in my bed­room, they make a ter­ri­ble racket un­til I do. One’s an adorable Ja­panese Chin [also known as the Ja­panese Spaniel and the dog of Ja­panese roy­alty] named Kisuki; she’s very much a lady. The other is Jupiter, a real clown. He’s a mix – I call him mys­tery meat. 11PM Get­ting ready for bed means tak­ing off my make-up, and I make sure I re­move it all thor­oughly; lately I’ve been cleansing with Dayle Breault’s God­dess of Skin, which is great. My bed­room is airy and very sim­ple – be­lieve it or not, I ac­tu­ally have more win­dows than wall space. Around my bed hang a funny lit­tle Gi­a­cometti pen­cil sketch, a beau­ti­ful woven ta­pes­try that tells an abo­rig­i­nal story, a black and white paint­ing by Tony Just, and amaz­ing prints from H.R. Giger. My choice of sleep­wear re­ally de­pends on the weather – and with whom I’m sleep­ing. I don’t have any lim­i­ta­tions when it comes to my bed­ding ex­cept I like to be able to stick my feet out of the cov­ers and my sheets to have the high­est pos­si­ble thread count. 12AM I’ve be­come a night per­son be­cause of my oc­cu­pa­tion. I can’t say that I have a bed­time – I usu­ally sleep in four- to six-hour shifts. What I’ve learned from per­form­ing with Blondie and hav­ing an up­side-down sched­ule and jet lag is that if I’m tired, I go to sleep. I don’t like hav­ing a sleep hang­over from pills, and tour­ing has taught me a won­der­ful skill: nap­ping. I can drift off on the tour bus and wake up feel­ing to­tally recharged. And I can fall asleep just about any­where – once when I was in grade school, I ac­tu­ally fell asleep stand­ing up. As told to Lind­say Talbot.


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