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7AM Ste­fano Gab­bana: The first thing I do when I wake up is take a cup of tea, a cup of cof­fee, and vi­ta­mins, and then I look at my dogs. I have three dogs, Rosa, Totò, and Mimmo, all Labradors. Domenico Dolce: I also wake up around 7 – I am a crea­ture of habit. I don’t wear py­ja­mas, but I put on a robe be­fore get­ting dressed. 7.30AM SG: I read the news­pa­per Cor­riere della Sera very quickly be­cause soon af­ter, I go to the gym. I work out for about 45 min­utes; usu­ally I run or do ex­er­cises like CrossFit, and three times a week af­ter my work­out I get a mas­sage. When I come home I take a shower, never a bath. I have soap and sham­poo from the phar­macy, and pre­scrip­tion face wash be­cause I have very del­i­cate skin. I wear more or less the same thing ev­ery day. I have one or two shapes of shirts, or T-shirts or jumpers in cash­mere. I have maybe 25 jumpers. My pants are usu­ally dou­ble- or sin­gle-pleated or denim, and some­times I’ll wear a vest and al­ways a Dolce & Gab­bana yel­low-gold watch. Domenico wears more T-shirts and jumpers and sneak­ers. I don’t wear sneak­ers. He is also crazy for jack­ets – blaz­ers. DD: I have 57 blaz­ers and 30 pairs of sneak­ers, all Dolce. Af­ter a while I just send them to my per­sonal ar­chive and get new ones. Ste­fano used to buy other brands in the past, but now he has stopped, too. SG: Af­ter get­ting dressed, I have break­fast with my dogs. I usu­ally eat scram­bled eggs and ham or fruit. DD: My morn­ing rou­tine is quite com­mon: I have break­fast at home while read­ing the news­pa­per, I take a shower, get dressed, a spray of cologne, and I am ready to go! 9.30AM SG: I have a leather bag I take to the of­fice; it’s like an en­ve­lope. I al­ways bring my two iPhones and some medicine – some­thing for my head – and some vi­ta­mins. Domenico doesn’t come with any­thing. He hates men’s bags. He puts ev­ery­thing in his jacket pocket. The of­fice is close to my house, so in the win­ter I walk. If it’s rain­ing I go by car, an Audi 7. Some­times in the sum­mer I come to the of­fice on my scooter. Domenico walks all the time. 9.45AM SG: The first thing I do when I come to work, I say hello to my dogs and give them one bis­cuit each. The but­ler takes them out to the park and drops them off at the of­fice, so they are there wait­ing for me. They are very pop­u­lar in the stu­dio. They play all the time. They run around, up and down, left and right. The last one, Mimmo, is a puppy, seven months old. He has his own In­sta­gram. Some­times we lis­ten to Ital­ian mu­sic or pop or opera when we sketch. We don’t al­ways agree. Some­times Domenico is there be­fore me, and he lis­tens to rock in the morn­ing. I say, “Lis­ten, it’s not the day to­day. Can you switch it off?” DD: I love to lis­ten to pop all the time! I like to be up­dated on the new hits; I think it’s im­por­tant for what we do. Among my favourites of all time is, of course, Madonna. But I also love Kylie, our lit­tle princess; Bey­oncé, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber. And I lis­ten to Ital­ian pop mu­sic like Tiziano Ferro. 1PM SG: We take a lunch break from 1 to 2. Some­times we go out with friends, other times we stay in and eat in the lunch room. Usu­ally we eat some­thing light, like fish or meat with veg­eta­bles. Then we have cof­fee or tea.

I drink three or four cof­fees

Domenico Dolce and Ste­fano Gab­bana

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