Love the Weather Chan­nel be­cause my mood changes ac­cord­ing to the weather!” – Ste­fano Gab­bana

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gin­ger teas, and I smoke, though I try to keep it to a min­i­mum. Domenico drinks more cof­fee than me, seven or eight – Ital­ian people love cof­fee. DD: I drink a lot. More or less 10 or 12 cof­fees a day, both typ­i­cal Ital­ian and espresso. 2PM DD and SG: Some days we don’t have any meet­ings be­cause we’re work­ing on de­signs with our as­sis­tants. Some days we have five, six, or seven. Which one of us would look bet­ter in the crowns from our spring collection? We’d rather not find out. 6PM DD and SG: We try not to leave later than 7, ex­cept dur­ing Fash­ion Week. SG: Some­times I go home and take a shower and play Mo­nop­oly on my iPad and watch movies; my favourite is Moulin Rouge. 9.30PM DD: We are lucky be­cause in Italy we are blessed with one of the most de­li­cious cuisines in the world. If I have the time, I cook ev­ery night. . SG: He cooks pasta, he cooks meat, he cooks fish, he cooks pota­toes, and a very spe­cial ial dish from Si­cily. He’s a very good cook. One night a week I have din­ner with my fam­ily. am­ily. Usu­ally it’s a Mon­day, and I’m with my mum and my dad. Domenico usu­ally has a Sun­day lunch with his big fam­ily. Prob­a­bly three times a week I go out with friends ends and have a drink and din­ner. I like to go to our restau­rant, Gold, or Bianco Latte e or Gi­a­como Bistrot, in Mi­lan. DD: When I go out I like to have a rose mar­tini, but ut I also love red wine. SG: Af­ter wa­ter my favourite drink is vodka. I like to eat pizza and nd spaghetti po­modoro, and I’m crazy for dessert. I like all of them: cas­sata, cheese­cake, ke, bis­cuits. Domenico is the same. We have a sweet tooth. DD: Yes, I can’t re­sist sweets. s. I know I am not sup­posed to eat too much sweets, but still … SG: I love to stay y out, es­pe­cially in sum­mer. On Fri­day and Satur­day nights I like to go to clubs, I try y out dif­fer­ent ones. We don’t usu­ally go out to­gether; we spend more time to­gether when we have a va­ca­tion. We re­lax on our boat, we swim a lot – we love the sea! We do work out, as we have a small gym on board. Dur­ing a nor­mal week we ba­si­cally live to­gether at the of­fice, so af­ter work Domenico goes some­place, and I go an­other place. DD: I go shop­ping when I can. I like mod­ern fur­ni­ture shops. ops. SG: He’s al­ways chang­ing his house. He changes the sofa and he changes the chair hair and he changes the dishes. Some­times when I go to his house, I don’t recog­nise ise it. I can­not un­der­stand. He’s crazy for the house. DD: Change is not the ex­act act con­cept. Ev­ery­thing I do in my house is like an evo­lu­tion. SG: I col­lect dishes hes and an­gels. I have maybe 27 an­gels all around the house, and I have three ee tow­ers full of plates. DD: I love art, in par­tic­u­lar, paint­ings. I have, well, ll, a lot. I love [Piero] For­nasetti and Keith Har­ing. I also col­lect fur­ni­ture re – my favourite pieces are by Giò Ponti. At home I have a cat, Tommy, and a dog, Edera. They like to eat nuts. SG: I love the Weather Chan­nel an­nel be­cause my mood changes a lot ac­cord­ing to the weather! 11PM SG: I take mela­tonin one hour be­fore bed, and clean my face. I use face cream for the night. I think Domenico takes mela­tonin, too, but he doesn’t care about the face. He’s lazy. He sleeps leeps

in front of the TV.


Dolce & Gab­bana Spring/ Sum­mer ’14

Dolce & Gab­bana Spring/ Sum­mer ’14

Dolce & Gab­bana Spring/ Sum­mer ’14

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