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dewy and glow­ing. In fact, for the next six weeks my skin truly looked bet­ter than it ever had. For­get cleanse, tone, and mois­turise – this more clin­i­cal ap­proach of gen­tly pol­ish­ing the skin be­fore pump­ing it with hy­dra­tion is, it seems, the real key to A-list skin.

Dr. David Col­bert, the New York-based celebrity der­ma­tol­o­gist of choice, fol­lows ws the same de­cep­tively sim­ple pol­ish-and-plump rou­tine. “Ver­meer mixed il­lu­mi­nance into his paint to help cre­ate that glow on skin; I do it with a com­bi­na­tion of ex­fo­li­a­tion, LED (light), and in­tense hy­dra­tion,” he tells me. “It turns your skin into the per­fect light re­flec­tor so you get that lu­mi­nos­ity – it’s not about age at all, it’s about achiev­ing that qual­ity of skin.”

Set­ting up camp in Beverly Hills a week be­fore the Os­cars, Dr. Col­bert was fully booked primp­ing the skin of the great and the good. To keep clients such as Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts happy be­tween vis­its, both he and Dr. Lens also have their own con­cise range of prod­ucts based on the very same prin­ci­ples as the pop­u­lar treat­ments of­fered in their clin­ics.

“It’s not about do­ing lots of things, just the right things,” Dr. Col­bert ex­plains. “Great skin is about proper ex­fo­li­a­tion, get­ting hy­dra­tion into the s skin, and us­ing an oil to get the dewy glow. glo You can use a mil­lion dif­fer­ent things, th but noth­ing gives that same qual­ity qu of skin.” Estée Lauder Cy­berWhite HD Ad­vanced Bright­en­ing Mois­ture Creme, RM260 Pol­ish off dead skin cells for a smooth, light-re­flec­tive sur­face ( plus, sub­se­quent prod­ucts will ab­sorb bet­ter). Dr. Lens rec­om­mends us­ing a gly­colic peel, then a grainy scrub for the ul­ti­mate skin pol­ish. Mois­turise with a hy­dra­tion mask or

serum, or both; I reg­u­larly swap my night cream for a hy­drat­ing mask, while make-up artist Andrew Gal­limore tells me the se­cret to the ex­quis­ite skin that he cre­ates is to “first sat­u­rate the skin with lay­ers of Dior’s Hy­dra Life Mask.” Nour­ish with a nat­u­ral oil, as these

are eas­ily ab­sorbed and won’t leave your skin greasy. We like Dr. Se­bagh

Rose de Vie Sérum Déli­cat. Brighten up. Whiten­ing Lu­mi­nes­cence

Re­storer Fa­cials at Clar­ins are purely re­fresh­ing, and won­der­fully ex­e­cuted by pro­fes­sional ther­a­pists. Book a ses­sion now while there is still an Add- On that in­cludes a Beauty Flash Balm Face Mask and Pro Whiten­ing Fa­cial Sup­ple­ments, as well as a gen­er­ous sec­ond serv­ing of Com­plex­ion Ra­di­ance Plant Based Wrap, ap­plied with a new and ad­vanced mas­sage tech­nique to ward off hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion and re­store re

that en­vi­able glow. Clar­ins Whiten­ing Lu­mi­nes­cence Re­storer Fa­cial is avail­able at t all Clar­ins Skin Spas at RM248 for 60 min­utes. es.

Add- On is for a limited time only.

Dior Hy­dra Life Re­hy­drat­ing Mask, RM173

Dr. Se­bagh Rose de Vie Sérum Déli­cat, RM750

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