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Three key find­ings now prove that the whole is­sue of bright­en­ing the com­plex­ion was never just a sur­face mat­ter, call­ing for a new rem­edy to ad­dress the rev­e­la­tion. As an ex­ten­sion of the whiten­ing range Sno­wise, the new Sno­wise EX Whiten­ing Serum houses the three-di­men­sional so­lu­tion Tri-White Com­plex, which is made of pre­mium, spe­cially selected indige­nous Korean herbs. For a brand deeply rooted in the nat­u­ral re­ju­ve­nat­ing pow­ers of gin­seng, the thou­sand-year-old herb nat­u­rally makes up one-third of the Com­plex: “White gin­seng saponin is selected be­cause it in­hibits ty­rosi­nase ac­tiv­ity leading to less melanin for­ma­tion caused by UV rays, thus re­duc­ing dark­ness of skin tone,” says Choo.

“White Cloud grass, an­other main ac­tive of the Tri-White Com­plex with its po­tent anti-ox­ida­tive prop­er­ties, pre­vents fur­ther dam­age of skin cells caused by ex­po­sure to in­frared rays, thus re­duc­ing red­ness; and white gin­seng polysac­cha­rides help to re­duce yel­low­ness by en­hanc­ing the qual­ity of col­la­gen in the der­mis. This re­sults in an im­proved com­plex­ion, over­all, and translu­cent skin.” The polysac­cha­rides men­tioned are highly con­cen­trated wa­ter sol­u­ble ex­tracts – only 10kg of ex­tracts can be ob­tained from ev­ery 100kg of white gin­seng, a rare sub­stance, in­deed.

This del­i­cate process is exclusive to Sul­wha­soo. “Amore Pa­cific does run its own botan­i­cal and tra­di­tional medic­i­nal plants gar­den, but only for in­ter­nal re­search pur­poses. The gin­seng that is used in Sno­wise prod­ucts is sourced from our part­ners by way of con­tract. They have been sup­ply­ing gin­seng for a long time, which is cul­ti­vated only in Korea un­der strict GAP (Good Agri­cul­tural Prac­tice) guide­lines,” ex­plains Choo.


Re­ju­ve­nate, detox­ify, boost, pre­vent, re­fine – if ever there was a plant

that could do it all, gin­seng eas­ily takes first place.

Go­ryeo gin­seng takes up to 180 days to grow in Korea, which is a longer pe­riod of time for gin­seng growth com­pared to records from other coun­tries. Gin­seng’s saponin sloughs off dead skin cells and pro­motes cel­lu­lar re­newal. Tea made from gin­seng leaf is very ef­fec­tive in pre­vent­ing melasma, acne, and wrin­kles. Gin­seng has been used to detox­ify the body and re­ju­ve­nate the skin for cen­turies. Women of the Joseon Dy­nasty in­dulged in gin­seng baths for translu­cent, baby-smooth skin.

In­gre­di­ents are cul­ti­vated us­ing the Poje Method Sul­wha­soo Sno­wise EX Whiten­ing Serum, RM600

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White gin­seng from Korea

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