Sum­mer hol­i­day crept up on you? Fol­low these sim­ple tips for a last-minute body boost, how­ever fast bikini-day is loom­ing. By Katy Young.

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THE WORK­OUT TIP: “If you want a new beach-ready body, 14 days is plenty,” says per­sonal trainer Dal­ton Wong, “Do at least six ses­sions a week, with an hour of cir­cuits – in­clud­ing all-over body ex­er­cises like lunges, push-ups, and squats – bro­ken up by two min­utes of car­dio, such as cy­cling or row­ing.” THE DIET TIP: “Eight out of 10 women de-bloat the minute they take gluten out of their diet,” shares nu­tri­tion­ist Oz Gar­cia. “Swap white pasta, breads, and bis­cuits for wheat-free grains like brown rice.” Eat more protein like chicken, eggs, and fish “to build lean mus­cle, stay full, and pre­vent bloat­ing.” Fi­nally, “triple your veg­eta­bles in­take to up your me­tab­o­lism and de-puff the body.” THE PRO TIP: “A pro­bi­otic sup­ple­ment is one of the most ef­fec­tive ways to beat bloat­ing,” says nu­tri­tion­ist Fiona Hunter.


THE WORK­OUT TIP: “It’s now that you give your reg­u­lar work­out an ex­tra push,” shares Wong, “so add in an­other 150-minute-in­ter­val train­ing ses­sion to re­ally burn fat. Some­thing like run­ning for two min­utes then walk­ing for one is bang on.”

THE DIET TIP: “Eat five small meals a day to slim the body and boost your en­ergy,” says top model trainer David Kirsch, “but each must in­clude lean protein, good carbs like pulses, and green veg.”

THE PRO TIP: “You want to de­fine mus­cle rather than get stronger, so fo­cus on mus­cles that re­act fastest to ex­er­cise,” ex­plains Kirsch. “Do tri­cep dips for arms, crunches for the stomach, and squats and lunges for the bot­tom; do 15 rep­e­ti­tions of each ex­er­cise.”


THE WORK­OUT TIP: If you’ve left it till the last minute, sign up for a bootcamp class, hy­brid ses­sions that pack a ton­ing, fat-burn­ing punch into just 30 min­utes ( www.boot­

THE DIET TIP: “Up your wa­ter in­take to re­duce wa­ter re­ten­tion,” says Hala El-Shafie, founder of Nu­tri­tion Rocks. Boost me­tab­o­lism by cut­ting out cof­fee: “It af­fects in­sulin lev­els so we can’t metabolise food and fats as fast,” she ex­plains. Gar­cia adds: “That post-cof­fee crash also causes crav­ings. I get all my clients to cut it out 10 days be­fore reach­ing goal weight.”

THE PRO TIP: “If you only do one waist-defin­ing ex­er­cise, make it the Pure Barre Pret­zel,” says Car­rie Rez­abek Dorr, founder of US fit­ness stu­dios Pure Barre, the pre-cat­walk go-to for the Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret An­gels. “Take a seat on the floor, fold­ing your left leg at a right an­gle be­hind you, with the knee in line with the hip. Now ro­tate the left an­kle off the floor and lift, hold for five sec­onds, and re­lease. Do this 20 times and re­peat on the other side.”


THE WORK­OUT TIP: “Stick to your daily hour-long work­out, but cou­ple it with a ses­sion of yoga, stretch­ing or Pi­lates to lengthen out any tight mus­cles and im­prove pos­ture so you nat­u­rally look slim­mer,” says Wong. “Plus you’ll re­boot your en­ergy – you don’t want to ar­rive on hol­i­day bro­ken.”

THE DIET TIP: “Cut out salt: it’s the big­gest cause of bloat­ing,” notes Hala. “Com­bine this with min­imis­ing su­gar and you’ll see a change in the qual­ity of your skin,” adds fit­ness ex­pert Nicki Water­man.

THE PRO TIP: “Any body changes now are down to shift­ing wa­ter re­ten­tion, not get­ting fit­ter,” says An­drea Or­beck, A-list per­sonal trainer. “I tell my Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret girls to do ex­er­cise that raise the body tem­per­a­ture, to nat­u­rally sweat out any fluid re­ten­tion.”


THE WORK­OUT TIP: “Rest. At the most do an hour of stretch­ing, but my ad­vice is to take out ten­sion from mus­cles with a mas­sage,” says Wong.

THE DIET TIP: Avoid al­co­hol and salt on the plane: “They’re bloat­ing, and high-pres­sure cab­ins mean your body can’t let go of any re­ten­tion,” warns Gar­cia. “If you do ar­rive feel­ing puff y, head straight to the sauna.”

THE PRO TIP: Stay hy­drated by adding Hi­malayan salts to your drink­ing wa­ter, or bathing in Ep­som ones to “re­ally de-puff skin so you can see the new mus­cle un­der­neath,” sug­gests Wong.


THE WORK­OUT TIP: Har­vard Univer­sity stud­ies show ex­er­cise en­cour­ages us to eat healthily, so avoid hol­i­day weight gain by do­ing gen­tle ex­er­cise while you’re there.

THE DIET TIP: Avoid diet drinks: “They’re cool­ing, but also bloat­ing,” Kirsch points out.

THE PRO TIP: “If you want to man­age your weight bet­ter, man­age your sleep bet­ter,” says Gar­cia, “other­wise you’ll build up the stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol, and that causes weight gain and food crav­ings.”

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