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Co-founder of The Or­ganic Juicery Juic­ing is huge right now. Tell us about your cleanse pro­gramme. It is de­signed to rid the body of tox­ins, bal­ance al­ka­line lev­els, and reg­u­late di­ges­tion. Drink the juices pre-work­out, as a hy­drat­ing boost or veg­gie sup­ple­ment. We hope to con­vey the im­por­tance of

Michele Bridger in­tro­duc­ing raw juic­ing us­ing greens and fruits that are nat­u­rally good for our body, mind, and soul. Must-know about juic­ing? Most juices are pas­teurised or made in cen­trifu­gal blenders. Both in­volve heat­ing the juice, which causes it to lose nu­tri­ents. We cold-press, strain, and keep the juices su­per-cold through­out the process to re­tain vi­ta­mins and min­er­als in their best form. Is it safe for first-timers? We pro­vide one- to seven-day cleanse kits with three lev­els of in­ten­sity: from gen­tle to a full-blown toxin knockout. How does one start? Choose a cleans­ing date. A day be­fore, keep in­take of non-fruits and veg­eta­bles to a min­i­mum. Dur­ing your cleanse, drink two bot­tles as a sub­sti­tute for each meal. We rec­om­mend fin­ish­ing each bot­tle ev­ery two hours. Keep your body hy­drated by drink­ing lots of wa­ter. Skip ex­cess ac­tiv­i­ties that will take up en­ergy. To make the most of your cleanse, go for a spa ther­apy or sauna as it speeds up the detox­i­fi­ca­tion process. Your raw juic­ing ex­pe­ri­ence? In 2013, I had mas­sive mi­graines and vom­it­ing spells for more than six months, and none of the doc­tors I saw could tell me why. My hus­band and I did our own re­search and dis­cov­ered raw juic­ing and clean eat­ing. My case was di­etary and I have since re­cov­ered and feel so much more en­er­getic. In­sta­gram @the­o­r­gan­icjuicerymy

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