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You’ve tried them all – lasers, dark-spot erasers, bright­en­ing creams, and in­ten­sive melanin-zap­pingg serums. The re­sults are, at first, ob­vi­ous – re­joice! – and thenen just a few months down the line, dark spots and freck­les – or worse, melasma (in lay­man terms, dark patches) – re­turn. “Melasma re­quires re­peated treat­ment,” says Dr. Tif­fany Yang. “Usu­ally, I ad­vise pa­tients to check in with me two to four times per year to main­tain the re­sults.”

Dr. Yang, a regular guest speaker on top beauty shows in Tai­wan as well as for Dior, has seen more than enough pa­tients at her clinic, Yang’s Cos­metic Surgery and Der­ma­tol­ogy Clinic, to know that the ma­jor­ity of Asian women are con­stantly seek­ing out bright­en­ing pro­ce­dures and anti-age­ing meth­ods as gate­ways to per­ma­nent youth. No won­der Dior was in­trigued.

Spend­ing more than 10 years con­duct­ing re­search on del­i­cate skin, find­ings on how “in­flam­mag­ing” of the skin is the pri­mary cause of age­ing and pig­men­ta­tion were in­stru­men­tal in lead­ing the re­search team to the dis­cov­ery of the “dark spots mem­ory Dior Pres­tige White

bank”, which takes root deep within the Col­lec­tion Le Nec­tar Blanc Serum, RM1,100

der­mis, send­ing mes­sages via fi­brob­lasts to the epi­der­mis, boost­ing melanin pro­duc­tion and in­creas­ing chances of pig­men­ta­tion resur­fac­ing over time de­spitep ef­forts to erase them. An im­por­tant dis­cov­ery, very, as most bright­en­ing prod­ucts counter dark spotspots on the sur­face only.

“As you know, we have Dior Pres­tige,, for­mu­lated around the unique Rose de Granville Nec­tar, an ex­tract from a rose that grows in the Dior Gar­den,” says Nathalie Cachin, Dior sci­en­tific com­mu­ni­ca­tions manager. “This line s specif­i­cally fights against agei age­ing signs seen on frag­ile, del­i­cate skin. Now, we com­bine this with the White Rose elixir to get the best of anti-age­ing and bright­en­ing.” As Cachin re­calls, “We found that the White Rose, which grows in the Dior Gar­den, seemed so dif­fer­ent from the other roses. We be­gan to ex­tract it in oil form, and dis­cov­ered that it had ac­tual ef­fi­cacy on the der­mis fi­brob­last.

“This for­mula is more of a pre­ven­tive ac­tion within the skin,” she adds. “Thanks to this tech­nol­ogy we can tar­get the fi­brob­lasts and pre­vent the reap­pear­ance of melanin.”

Notes Cachin, “Pres­tige White pro­vides bi­o­log­i­cal pro­tec­tion – it acts to re­duce pro-pig­men­ta­tion mes­sages in the der­mis. Of course, you should still use SPF all day long.”

As with all Dior beauty prod­ucts, the col­lec­tion has a lux­u­ri­ous tex­ture and scent to leave skin feel­ing vel­vety smooth and smelling of roses. “Dior has also cre­ated an ex­clu­sive new vec­tor to al­low deeper pen­e­tra­tion be­yond the epi­der­mis,” di­vulges Cachin. “The White Rose Pearls con­tain the for­mula in a unique wa­ter-based struc­ture that, when ac­ti­vated, blends per­fectly into the der­mis.” Th­ese vec­tors are like mol­e­cules that burst open when ap­plied onto the skin, in­stantly melt­ing deep into pores.

“When we say whiten­ing, it is not about merely whiter skin,” ex­plains Cachin of Dior’s aim to ul­ti­mately change con­ven­tional views of whiten­ing. “The idea here­her is lu­mi­nos­ity, rosy cheeks, and als also ra­di­ance. ItI is an aura of the skin.” Avail­able at all Dior coun­ters.

Dior Pres­tige White Col­lec­tion La Crème Éclair­cis­sante, RM1,070

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