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7.30AM I have an alarm on my phone, a very sooth­ing sound that I of­ten do not hear. My hus­band, Seth [Weiss­man], has to nudge me out of bed. I’m not a tremen­dous morn­ing per­son, so I need time to wake up. I need ev­ery­thing to be very re­lax­ing – a phone call from a fac­tory with a prob­lem is an aw­ful start to the day. 8.30AM I have a lit­tle wa­ter, take a long shower, and brush my teeth. I don’t have a com­pli­cated beauty regime. I’ve used Kiehl’s Fa­cial Fuel mois­turiser for the last 10 years. Then, I put some stuff from Amer­i­can Crew in my hair, and that’s pretty much it. Get­ting dressed is the fastest part of my morn­ing be­cause I wear the same thing ev­ery day, which my team makes fun of me for. I have one pair of jeans and a pair of leather jeans that I wear with boots, a T-shirt, and a sweat­shirt. The leather trousers I have made by my fac­tory, one pair a year. I’m go­ing to sound un­fash­ion­able, but I have Amer­i­can Ap­parel T-shirts that I buy over and over, and I’m wear­ing a Cheap Mon­day sweat­shirt that I bought dur­ing col­lege. I have a lot of box­ers and boxer briefs, for some rea­son. I get them at a place in Paris. They just find me. I have maybe 40 pairs, in­clud­ing some I don’t wear, with hearts on them. 9AM My hus­band leaves be­fore I do, so I’m alone in the apart­ment. It takes me a long time to pack my bag, and I clean a lit­tle and check my e-mail. 9.30AM I hail a cab – I’m a big pa­tron of New York City taxi­cabs. I don’t know how to drive. Seventy per­cent of the time I bring my dog with me. Her name is Bean, like a jelly bean. She is so used to this rou­tine that when I go to pick her up to get into the cab, she al­most jumps into my arms. She’s a schnau­zer and likes any toy with a face. It’s weird; she goes for the eyes first. Ev­ery an­i­mal toy we get her is pris­tine ex­cept that it’s eye­less or face­less. Schnauzers are bred to hunt rats, and it’s su­per ap­par­ent – if we’re walk­ing and she sees a squir­rel, it’s out of con­trol. I lis­ten to mu­sic when I’m com­mut­ing. Lately I’ve been into the Gone Girl sound­track. Some­times I lis­ten to more pop-y stuff, like FKA Twigs, and a lot of older mu­sic as well. I love Ca­role King. And I love Salt-n-Pepa. Have you seen the re­ally weird “Push It” com­mer­cial on TV? It’s an ad for Ge­ico, where a guy tries open­ing a door that says push, but he’s pulling it, and Salt-n-Pepa are like, “Push it, push it.” 9.45AM I al­ways or­der an egg-white omelette with cheese and mush­rooms from the same place, Prince St. Café, on Seam­less, and have it de­liv­ered. My team knows that when my break­fast ar­rives, I’m about five to 10 min­utes away. 10AM I stop by Smile to Go and get an iced cof­fee. I drink it iced no mat­ter the time of day, no mat­ter the weather, and come in to work. The en­vi­ron­ment is pretty re­laxed. My CEO, Karis [Durmer], brings her dog as well. I eat and check my e-mail again. I have this com­pul­sive thing that I don’t like hav­ing any un­opened e-mail – I have to have zero

un­read in my in­box first thing in the morn­ing, and es­pe­cially when I’m go­ing to bed.

Joseph Al­tuzarra

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