Ev­ery­thing you need to know about bal­anc­ing your in­ner spin­ning wheel of colours for ul­ti­mate well­be­ing. By Li Ying Lim. C A H R AK

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Can you tell your chakras apart? Says Alan Fin­ger, founder of ISHTA Yoga, “The first five chakras (en­ergy cen­tres in the body) are as­so­ci­ated with phys­i­cal el­e­ments: earth, wa­ter, fire, air, and ether (space). The last two are thought to connect us be­yond the earthly realm; they are as­so­ci­ated with light and cos­mic en­ergy.” Blocked chakras trig­ger im­bal­ance via neg­a­tive en­ergy and emo­tions. Hol­ly­wood stars and mod­els know what’s good for them. Vic­to­ria Beckham, Rosie Hunt­ing­tonWhite­ley, and Mi­randa Kerr at­tribute their suc­cess to a bal­anced set of chakras – and heal­ing crys­tals. Kerr has her ho­tel room filled with crys­tals, in­clud­ing a rose quartz that she sleeps with. “I clear it with the en­ergy of the sun or the moon ev­ery three days.” Also, they make great ac­ces­sories. Mark Phillips and Martin An­guiano, the own­ers of min­eral gem­stones store Spell­bound Sky in LA, say: “Gem­stones emit a spe­cific fre­quency that cor­re­lates to your chakras. To ac­cess their heal­ing vibes, keep them near you or place them on your body dur­ing med­i­ta­tion.” Kind thoughts and an open heart help mend our chakras, also known as the spin­ning wheel of dif­fer­ent hues. It gath­ers emo­tional en­ergy and projects it through our con­scious­ness. Dif­fer­ent colours cor­re­spond to dif­fer­ent parts. “We love green cal­cite and lepi­do­lite for stress,” Phillips rec­om­mends. Re­lax with chro­mother­apy light­ing, which uses colours found in the seven rays of sun­light to re­tune body vi­bra­tions nat­u­rally. Used in Far Infrared saunas, in­stall them in your room to use for 30 min­utes twice a week. It soothes nerves and the lym­phatic sys­tem, strength­ens the body, re­gen­er­ates in­ter­nal tis­sues, and helps with indigestion. An avid vinyasa flow yoga teacher, Claire Miss­ing­ham ad­vises keep­ing a di­ary to mon­i­tor your chakras so that you are com­pletely in tune with your body. She also ad­vo­cates try­ing chakra-based poses for four weeks. The tree pose grounds your root chakra; the god­dess pose opens up your pelvic to re­dress the wa­ter chakra; and the boat pose works with the navel area to heal the fire chakra. Na­maste.

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