With a solid back­ground in gin­seng re­search and devel­op­ment, Sul­wha­soo turns Korea’s na­tional trea­sure into an anti-age­ing must-have. By Li Ying Lim.

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Wmakes Korean beauty lore so unique are the holis­tic skin­care ideals cap­tured in ev­ery essence made. With this phi­los­o­phy, a deep-rooted foun­da­tion in bal­anc­ing the yin and yang of the body and the law of na­ture, holis­tic beauty is at the very heart of Korean luxury skin­care brand Sul­wha­soo. 30,000 medic­i­nal plants and 50 years of re­search later, Sul­wha­soo has emerged as a bona fide Korean beauty author­ity, with its sig­na­ture com­bi­na­tion of tra­di­tional wis­dom, sangseng, and the break­through dis­cov­ery of mul­ti­ple benefits from its core in­gre­di­ent.

“Gin­seng was tra­di­tion­ally used to strengthen the body’s im­mune sys­tem,” says Mark Choo, se­nior as­so­ciate re­searcher of Amorepa­cific Korea, which owns Sul­wha­soo. Korean gin­seng, grown in the fine weather of the Korean Penin­sula, has about 40 per­cent more saponin con­tents, thanks to the vast space for op­ti­mum root cul­ti­va­tion, and the clean­est wa­ter for leaves and stems to grow.

“How­ever, the medic­i­nal ef­fects oc­cur through pow­der forms or oral con­sump­tion. To al­low it to work on the skin re­quires a very com­plex process,” shares Choo. Backed by its re­search in gin­seng – known as Gin­se­nomics – Sul­wha­soo found the best gin­seng are har­vested be­fore the rainy sea­son when the flow­ers fade and af­ter the ap­pear­ance of berries. Sul­wha­soo ap­plies a patented bio­con­ver­sion tech­nol­ogy on the gin­seng to se­cure Com­pound K, ex­tracted from four-year-old gin­seng roots, in which the high­est saponin con­tent is found, and Gin­seno­side F1. Both are hid­den ac­tive skin­care mat­ters pre­vi­ously not ex­tractable and ex­tremely scarce – only 1g of ex­tract from 20,000 roots – which can be found in its iconic best­seller, the Gin­seng Re­new­ing Cream.

Sul­wha­soo is tak­ing it one step fur­ther with a serum that bol­sters Der­mal-Epi­der­mal Junc­tion (DEJ), “where the der­mis con­nects with your epi­der­mis,” notes Choo. This keeps age­ing signs at bay. “You can look at it like a tram­po­line or a mat­tress. If it goes flat, then ev­ery­thing will fall in,” ex­plains Choo. “We dis­cov­ered that the gin­seng saponin and orig­i­nal ex­tract of red gin­seng roots, rich in polysac­cha­rides, are ca­pa­ble of ben­e­fit­ing the DEJ prodi­giously.”

Sul­wha­soo’s sci­en­tists found that gin­seng has the ca­pac­ity to gen­er­ate four pro­teins to re­store youth and re­fill deep­en­ing wrin­kles, start­ing at the age of 30. Th­ese pro­teins are en­cap­su­lated in spe­cial mi­cro and macro gin­seni­spheres in the serum to de­liver them in the fresh­est state with an in­creased ab­sorp­tion level by four times. With this, you can now truly turn back the clock. Avail­able at se­lected Park­son de­part­men­tal stores. Puffi­ness is caused by de­hy­dra­tion

and a poor salt-filled diet, but dark cir­cles can be averted with bet­ter blood cir­cu­la­tion. The new Eye Cream uses aqua- cul­tured gin­seng in an un­con­tam­i­nated, pes­ti­cide-free en­vi­ron­ment; the

leaves, stems, and roots from this gin­seng will tighten the dry, del­i­cate area around the eyes and boost the elas­tic­ity and thick­ness of the epi­der­mis to brighten and re­ju­ve­nate the eyes over time. Sul­wha­soo Con­cen­trated Gin­seng

Re­new­ing Eye Cream, RM590

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