A R E YOU THER E , C HLOË ? IT ’ S ME , JUDY. Ac­tress Chloë Se­vi­gny talks to beloved au­thor Judy Blume about fash­ion fetishes, com­ing of age, and her latest novel, ‘In The Un­likely Event’.

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Judy Blume Chloë Se­vi­gny: First things first, I need to ask you about your sweater fetish. Judy Blume: My sweater fetish? Do I have a sweater fetish? CS: I don’t know; do you? All of your char­ac­ters are al­ways wear­ing sweaters, and talk­ing about them. In your new book, In The Un­likely Event, there’s the an­gora in the freezer and the drawer full of cash­mere … JB: When I was grow­ing up in the 1950s, sweaters were a huge thing. I al­ways wanted to be a sweater girl, like the movie stars with big tits – which I never had. I wanted to look like Patti Page in a sweater and a bullet bra, with pointy breasts. Also, my mother and grand­mother were both knit­ters, so when I first started to do pub­lic­ity for my books years and years ago, I al­ways wore one of my mother’s hand-knit sweaters when­ever I went on TV, to please her – or at least to try to please her. CS: There is also a sim­plic­ity in your char­ac­ters’ out­fits. When I was a teen, I al­ways wanted to dress like Davey, from Tiger Eyes. I had this idea of her in per­fect jeans, a white but­ton-down, and hik­ing boots. It seemed so pared down, I felt I was al­ways forc­ing it with fash­ion, whereas your char­ac­ters were al­ways very sim­ple. JB: Well, I like pretty things, but I don’t like to shop, so I kind of wish they would just ap­pear in my closet. CS: So you’ve never re­ally been that in­ter­ested in fash­ion? JB: Oh, I have! I loved it. All those years I was a proper mar­ried – I don’t want to call it a “lady” – a proper mar­ried young woman with lit­tle chil­dren liv­ing in sub­ur­ban New Jersey, I ab­so­lutely paid a lot of at­ten­tion to what I wore. But my style re­ally evolved af­ter I left New Jersey and wound up in Santa Fe in the ’70s. That’s my favourite look. My kids went to high school there with Tom Ford. When he first went to Gucci I saw those col­lec­tions and said, “Oh, my God, that’s all Santa Fe in the ’70s! That’s the look!” You know,

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In The Un­likely Event

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