Vacheron Con­stantin’s mar­ket­ing di­rec­tor of South East Asia shares with us her style choices and mem­o­ries that go be­yond the test of time. By Amy Yas­mine.

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What’s the most de­cid­ing fac­tor when it comes to pur­chas­ing a time­piece? Women ap­proach it more per­son­ally, but it’s al­ways bet­ter when you’re given a watch, of course. There’s also a cer­tain sense of con­nec­tiv­ity with a brand you’re in­ter­ested in as well, which I think is what women look for th­ese days. Women th­ese days are also very in­ter­ested in me­chan­i­cal watches. Why do you think there’s been a shift in trend to­wards that? There are two driv­ers to this: one, there’s a lit­tle bit of keep­ing up with hus­bands and spouses; two, women are smart. They un­der­stand that a me­chan­i­cal time­piece­piece adds value to a watch, es­pe­cially if they’re go­ing to in­vest a large amount of money. What makes a great time­piece? ce? It has to be the longevity that makes it a clas­sic. Watches tell the time, but it’s a per­son­alonal item that lasts for­ever. It even­tu­ally be­come­ses a part of you, which in time, you would prob­a­bly ob­a­bly give to some­body else as an heir­loom. How would you work your our time­pieces into your daily style tyle reper­toire? For work, I usu­ally go for a cal­en­dar watch be­cause I can never keep track of my dates. I also like chrono­graph time­pieces be­cause The Amer­i­can 1921. It is cush­ion­shaped with an off­set dial at the crown. It has be­come beloved around the world, thanks to its quirky, fun, dis­tinc­tive style, so much so that you know you will en­joy it for the rest of your life. What sets Vacheron Con­stantin’s lat­est Har­mony col­lec­tion apart from the rest? I think its unique and un­con­ven­tional cas­ing gives it a new edge, and it also fea­tures a new chrono­graph move­ment, in­spired by the 1928 chrono­graph. Why did Vachero Vacheron Con­stantin de­cide to re­vis­itre the 1928 chrono­graphchrono­grap move­ment? We were loo look­ing for some­thing spe­cial and w we’ve had our eye on it as they were de de­vel­op­ing the new chrono­graph in-house. In­ter­est­ing­lyI enough, it came from a very e early ex­am­ple – the doc­tor’s watch – but thereth are peo­ple who are into vin­tage watches,wat and they are the ones who are go­ing­goin to re­ally like that pul­some­ter dial.dia It’s got a cool look with a re­ally neat­nea func­tion. No­body uses it any­more,anym but when you un­der­stand the con­cept, it truly is a mag­i­cal mo­ment. From Vacheron Con­stantin’s iconic Over­seas col­lec­tion

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