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ENGLISH ROSES Thanks to El­ton John’s mov­ing “Can­dle in the Wind” trib­ute to the late Princess Diana, we will for­ever as­so­ciate English roses with Lady Di. That is, un­til now. Patek’s Ref. 20016 or Roses of Lon­don, takes a leaf from the flo­ral mo­tifs of vin­tage porce­lain tea ser­vices. Cre­at­ing us­ing cloi­sonné enam­elling, the roses re­sem­ble stained glass dec­o­ra­tions, an ef­fect height­ened by the rose win­dow pat­tern on the dial. CALA­TRAVA The dial of this spe­cial 10-piece edi­tion Cala­trava Ref. 5089G-040 de­picts Lon­don’s most fa­mous land­marks. To achieve the ar­eas of light and shadow, the enam­eller used the tech­nique of gri­saille enam­elling, g, au blanc de Li­mo­ges, workingng with ex­tremely fine e brushes (and even oc­ca­sion­ally a nee­dle) to cre­ate the sub­tle gra­da­tions from black to white. For a bit of sparkle, 24-karat gold pow­der were added.

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