LA LUMA 21-year-old Brazil­ian Luma Grothe on play­ing the mis­chievous god­dess Olym­péa in the new Paco Ra­banne fra­grance cam­paign. By Li Ying Lim.

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What was your re­ac­tion upon find­ing out you were the new face of Paco Ra­banne’s lat­est fra­grance? I al­most fainted when I got the news. I was work­ing in New York and my agent called me from Paris, and he was like, “Yes, Luma, you know ... you did your best, and I did my best ... and you got the job!” And I was like, “Oh my God, I’m go­ing to be Olym­péa, what ... what?” I was pan­ick­ing and went com­pletely pale. It was very emo­tional, but I was so happy. De­scribe the Olym­péa woman. Olym­péa ... she’s a very pow­er­ful girl and she gets what she wants. But peo­ple love her! They love that power; they kind of need her. I like to think that she is there be­cause she de­serves to be in the em­pire which she built, at the top of it. I think she’s very in­spi­ra­tional. Olym­péa is a mod­ern-day Cleopa­tra. Your name, Luma, is very spe­cial. Luma, I’d say, is the name of my mum and dad. I like to think that it’s like a love story be­cause my mum is called Luci and my dad is called Ma­ciel; so it’s the first two let­ters of each, to­gether. More­over, they met at the sea­side and the moon was re­ally beau­ti­ful that day. “Lua” in Brazil­ian means “moon” and the sea is “mar,” so it is also the com­bi­na­tion of both. It’s like my mum kiss­ing my dad. Who is your role model in this pro­fes­sion? I re­ally like Linda Evan­ge­lista. She re­ally in­spires me. How would your class­mates de­scribe you? My class­mates would say I am a trou­ble­maker, a lit­tle bit like in Olym­péa’s Grothe is a nat­u­ral in

the spot­light com­mer­cial – I wake up ev­ery­one in a quiet en­vi­ron­ment [ laughs]. I have al­ways had the de­sire to win in life, to be some­body, and in­spire other peo­ple – this is my big­gest dream. I’ve al­ways wanted to be heard, not just seen. The com­mer­cial is very strong; it packs a real punch. What was it like work­ing with Alexan­dre Courtès at the shoot? We could feel the power in ev­ery scene. We had a beau­ti­ful setup and Alex was very nice. He is an amaz­ing di­rec­tor. Every­thing just worked out re­ally well. What is the best ad­vice you have ever re­ceived? My fa­ther once told me that it is eas­ier to be kind to peo­ple than the op­po­site. That means a lot to me be­cause it’s true. From the mo­ment you put your­self in a bad po­si­tion, it changes the whole en­vi­ron­ment around you; it changes every­thing and makes every­thing ng bad. So, it’s just eas­ier to be kind and un­der­stand­ing.rstand­ing. If you were a scent, what would you be? I would be a choco­late cake bak­ing king in the oven. De­signer of the Olym­péa fla­con, Marc-Ange, who hails from the myth­i­cal Rome, speaks of the crown-like sil­hou­ette,ette, “Sym­me­try and ge­om­e­try are there to ex­press pride, but the pro­por­tions and the curves bring soft­ness.” The scent­cent is equally fem­i­nine and tri­umphant, a para­dox that clashes beau­ti­fully. “For the flo­ral and fem­i­nine as­pect, I sug­gest­edested work­ing es­sen­tially with hy­dro­ponic jas­mine,” de­scribes Loc Dong, one of the per­fumers who worked on this scent. cent. “This soil­less tech­nique re­moves the earthy notes and ex­alts the bou­quet. To coun­ter­bal­ance this fresh­ness, ,

I brought in a very sen­sual, en­velop­ing vanilla.”

Con­fi­dent and beau­ti­ful, Grothe per­fectly em­bod­ies the scent’s in­spi­ra­tion

Paco Ra­banne Olym­péa EDP, RM330 (50ml) & RM419 ( 80ml)

Grothe in one of the com­mer­cial scenes

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