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The holy trin­ity of al­guronic acid, pep­tide 3D com­plex, and al­gae ex­tract is proven to im­prove ap­pear­ances of wrin­kles and skin

den­sity elas­tic­ity. An in-depth re­search fol­low­ing this chance meet­ing un­cov­ered al­guronic acid. A key in­gre­di­ent used in all Al­genist prod­ucts, the com­pany claims that it is more hy­drat­ing than hyaluronic acid and a bet­ter anti-ageing weapon in elastin pro­duc­tion, de­creas­ing cell dam­age caused by UV light and bright­en­ing, com­pared to retinol, vi­ta­min C, and vi­ta­min E.

Al­genist Power Ad­vanced Wrin­kle Fighter Serum, RM336


“What pro­tect th­ese al­gae are polysac­cha­rides, and they keep the al­gae hy­drated. They of­ten have an­tiox­i­dants in them, and slight pro­tec­tion, block­ing UV light. What the polysac­cha­rides do for the or­gan­isms, do the same for us too,” says Dr. Gross­man. “It cre­ates a bar­rier be­tween the skin and en­vi­ron­ment, and helps re­tain min­er­als and wa­ter. They are also ex­fo­liants, tak­ing off dead skin cells with­out ir­ri­tat­ing the skin. The re­ten­tion of cer­tain UV-ab­sorb­ing pig­ments helps cre­ate good skin­care prod­ucts.


When asked whether any of the mi­croal­gae used in the pre­lim­i­nary stages are bio­engi­neered, Dr. Gross­man in­sists that one need not worry. “Any time you iso­late a com­pound, it is clean, pure. So it doesn’t mat­ter where you got the or­gan­ism from. We do it all the time when we breed plants. You can ge­net­i­cally mod­ify them to make more polysac­cha­rides and oils, but it’s the same in terms of ef­fec­tive­ness and safety.”


“We have just skimmed the sur­face in us­ing al­gae,” di­vulges Dr. Gross­man, ex­hort­ing a con­tin­ual re­search into its po­tency. “We are at the stage where we are not just us­ing prod­ucts on the skin, but also to re­gen­er­ate in­ter­nally. Other things such as col­la­gen and elastin can stim­u­late th­ese ex­ter­nals that may be cru­cial in the fu­ture.” Draw­ing an ex­am­ple of how or­gan­isms han­dle pho­to­syn­the­sis, he says, “We are learn­ing how they do it to make some­thing that would work the same way for our skin. The al­gae prob­a­bly does it bet­ter than any other or­gan­ism.” Al­genist is avail­able at Sephora stores na­tion­wide.

A sci­en­tist work­ing on the mi­croal­gae

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