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Shi­seido Ul­timune Power In­fus­ing Con­cen­trate, RM270.30 (30ml) & RM376.30 (50ml)

You may not be able to turn back time, but this prod­uct makes it look as if you might have. It has the abil­ity to main­tain youth­ful­ness by help­ing to cor­rect dam­age caused by en­vi­ron­men­tal ex­po­sure through the im­prove­ment of skin’s mul­ti­de­fen­sive pow­ers. Within four weeks of use, this am­pli­fies the ef­fi­cacy of any serum or mois­turiser you ap­ply di­rectly on top of it, re­sult­ing in fewer no­tice­able wrin­kles and real ra­di­ance.

Our skin has a de­fen­sive sys­tem (much like our body) that may weaken with time, stress, and ex­ter­nal ag­gres­sors. Bad habits such as for­get­ting sun pro­tec­tion and lack of sleep play a role in the ex­haus­tion of skin. Us­ing sun­screen daily and man­ag­ing eight hours of sleep a night (boosted by this con­cen­trate of course) are but a cou­ple of ways you can help im­prove the state of your skin. Avail­able at all Shi­seido coun­ters na­tion­wide.


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