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Why do you love to draw?

My ob­ses­sion with draw­ing started when I was very young. I used to watch a lot of car­toons. The idea of an­i­ma­tion got me into draw­ing car­toons. OR: Why did you learn to use Pho­to­shop? HI: I was in­spired to use it when I saw how you could edit your face onto your favourite fic­tional char­ac­ters. OR: How long does it take you to cre­ate an an­i­mated art­work? HI: It de­pends on how long it will be. A five-minute an­i­ma­tion will take a month or two if I’m an­i­mat­ing alone. OR: What are the in­spi­ra­tions be­hind your an­i­mated shows on YouTube? HI: Sponge­Bob SquarePants and The Ren & Stimpy Show. OR: Who is your favourite artist? HI: Ed­ward Gould. He was a YouTube an­i­ma­tor who ran a web se­ries called Eddsworld, which is my main source of in­spi­ra­tion. OR: What was your best mem­ory with me? HI: When you helped me do my an­i­ma­tions while also teach­ing me some tech­niques. OR: If you can make a comic strip of me, what would the story be like? HI: You fight­ing off zom­bies all over the world, like in the video game, Bloody Hell. OR: Why do you think I will be fit­ting for such a story? HI: That’s be­cause you did one when you were in col­lege. You told me you did a zombie movie. OR: That’s right. Now, how will the comic end? HI: It will end with you be­ing eaten alive by the zom­bies. OR: What?! HI: No! [ Laughs] It will end with you join­ing the zom­bies’ league. OR: So, I would ac­tu­ally be­come one of the zom­bies? HI: Okay, fine. You will kill them, like the hero would in the Left 4 Dead 2 game. You would es­cape them in a he­li­copter. OR: If you were a su­per­hero, who would you be? HI: I’d be Bat­man! He is stealthy, and he has all the gad­gets. OR: You’ve also cre­ated cook­ing videos. What’s one dish you’d make for me? HI: Choco­late Cake! OR: What do I al­ways tell you ev­ery morn­ing be­fore school? HI: Al­ways learn some­thing ev­ery day.

Epic Pen­cil, from Ha­keem’s Speed Drawz se­ries

War Holes, from Ha­keem’s Speed Drawz se­ries

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