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You can waste many hours each day sim­ply star­ing at your amaz­ing new­born. It’s ad­dic­tive! Rest as­sured, it’s no waste, you’re ac­tu­ally teach­ing bub some­thing too. Re­search has shown that ba­bies start to recog­nise and learn from their par­ent’s fa­cial ex­pres­sions from when they are three months old. Bold shapes, pat­terns, and bright colours are most stim­u­lat­ing for young ba­bies to look at. Show your baby the world. From a beau­ti­ful flower to a piece of art or a colour­ful toy, ba­bies love look­ing at in­ter­est­ing things. Take your baby out walk­ing and lie to­gether on a rug un­der a tree, as you watch the dap­pled light fall through the leaves. Read­ing books to­gether with bright, in­ter­est­ing pic­tures is a great way to ex­er­cise your lil’ one’s vis­ual skills and a nice rou­tine to start be­fore bed­time.


Talk to your baby while you’re spend­ing time to­gether, tell them what you’re do­ing and de­scribe what you’re both see­ing. Ba­bies start to pick up speech sounds and the rhythm and flow of lan­guage right from the start. Ba­bies love mu­sic too – dance with them! Sing to them! Your baby will love hear­ing you sing, no mat­ter how you sound. Ba­bies are very for­giv­ing and they don’t mind iff you’re not the next Idol. Sing fa­mil­iar ar songs from your own child­hood and pass on the love to the next gen­er­a­tion. Reading­ing to them is the per­fect way for them to pick ck up in­to­na­tion pat­terns. Even if they’re too youn­goung to un­der­stand the story, they’ll pick up fro­mom the emo­tion in your voice. From a very early rly age, they’ll also re­spond to bright colours rs and shapes in a sto­ry­book and they’ll love e the cud­dles. Di­a­per change time is a great time to con­nect and chat with your baby. He or she may be too young to un­der­stand the words you are say­ing, but rest as­sured, bub is learn­ing im­por­tant com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills such as main­tain­ing eye con­tact dur­ing a con­ver­sa­tion.


LEARN BY PLAY Xy­lo­phone, Toys “R” Us From the time your baby can be­gin eat­ing solids foods, give them a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent flavours – even ba­bies be­come bored of bland food. Ask your mum or your grand­mother what ba­bies were fed in their day. It cer­tainly wouldn’t have been from a jar. By in­tro­duc­ing dif­fer­ent tastes and tex­tures much ear­lier on, you can help avoid a fussy eater later on. Tickle those lit­tle taste buds us­ing some stronger So­phie the Gi­raffe, Mother­care

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