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Ex­pand­ing sphere, Ham­leys Those tiny noses aren’t just adorable, they’re also very sen­si­tive. Even be­fore birth, a baby’s sense of smell is work­ing. Young ba­bies are soothed by fa­mil­iar smells like you (or your breast milk). Be­fore you put on the fifth load of wash­ing for to­day, stop! Some mums swear that their lit­tle one sleeps much bet­ter, soothed by the fa­mil­iar smell of a soft T-shirt they’ve been wear­ing, for in­stance. Take your baby to places where their cute lit­tle noses can get a work­out with new ol­fac­tory ex­pe­ri­ences too. From a salty sea breeze to freshly cut grass or the aroma of bread bak­ing, ba­bies will en­joy ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the dif­fer­ent scents that make up the world.


Touch is the first sense to de­velop in em­bryos and one of the best ways for new par­ents to bond with baby. Mas­sages, cud­dles, pat­ting, rock­ing, and just hold­ing your lit­tle one will make them feel safe and se­cure. Ba­bies also learn through touch and you will soon no­tice them start to grab what­ever they can see (and usu­ally stick it into their mouth). As he or she gets older, your baby will love tick­les and this is a great game for ev­ery­one to col­lapse into fits of gor­geous gig­gles. Sim­ple toys which rat­tle or squeak are great to stim­u­late baby’s sense of touch and help them learn ac­tion and re­sponse. In­tro­duce ba­bies to dif­fer­ent tex­tures – a soft, fuzzy blan­ket or a smooth, squishy ball will help the de­vel­op­ment of this im­por­tant sense.


Ba­bies are learnng ev­ery minute that they are awake. They are look­ing, hear­ing, smelling, feel­ing, and tast­ing all that they can and they are guided in th­ese lessons by you. One of the most adorable things you can ex­pe­ri­ence as a par­ent is watch­ing your child mimic you. But watch out! Lit­tle ones watch and learn from every­thing you do. They are des­per­ate to prac­tise what mummy and daddy are do­ing too. Be­fore you know it, your baby will be bab­bling away into a pre­tend mobile phone while tot­ter­ing around in your best Gucci heels. Just keep your favourite Chanel lip­stick out of reach!

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