Paint your world with end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties as Mary Ka­trant­zou says, for a sparkling month.

Harper’s Bazaar (Malaysia) - - The Inspiration -

Mary Ka­trant­zou Au­tumn/ Win­ter ’15

… OPEN UP TO NEW IDEAS? Chal­lenge how things work. Some­times when you de­cide how things should be, you limit your

abil­ity to be ef­fec­tive in the world. … BE IN­STINC­TIVE, BE AU­THEN­TIC? Try fil­ter­ing less and say what you feel. Be­lieve in the strength of you own con­vic­tions. … OPT FOR A DIG­I­TAL DETOX AND SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE FOR ONE DAY? Do the same with your tele­vi­sion or com­puter. It is lib­er­at­ing and frees up so much valu­able

time to be cre­ative. … RE­FLECT ON YOUR DAY? Play­back in your head all the con­ver­sa­tions you had or the things you saw. It will trig­ger a whole new list

of pos­si­bil­i­ties that you didn't think of in the mo­ment. … WEAR YOUR INI­TIALS? In­vest in a Mary Ka­trant­zou al­pha­bet clutch bag, a piece of art to sit on your man­tel­piece

or in your hand. … SLEEP MORE? Add an hour to your daily rest. I never get enough sleep but I’m al­ways telling my­self to get at least six hours a night. … TRY SOME­THING NEW WITH YOUR STYLE? Whether it’s in­ject­ing more colour or some­thing as sim­ple as wear­ing a

dress when you nor­mally wear jeans. … DRESS UP TO TRAVEL? It used to be such a glam­orous pas­time, but now we tend to opt for com­fort over style. I love it when I see women who have re­ally dressed up to fly. It’s very nos­tal­gic. … DIS­COVER? Go to a gallery, visit an ex­hi­bi­tion by an artist you haven’t heard of, or book tick­ets to see a mu­si­cian you haven’t lis­tened to be­fore. New things bring ac­com­plish­ments.

Mary Ka­trant­zou Au­tumn/ Win­ter ’15

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