The Tes­ta­ment Of An Iconic Legacy

French jeweller Mai­son Boucheron con­tin­ues to rein­vent 50 years of ser­pen­tine her­itage through its iconic Ser­pent Bohème col­lec­tion. By Brent Taalur Ram­sey.

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The story of Boucheron’s ser­pent be­gins ns in 1888, when on the eve of one of his many voy­ages around the world, , Frédéric Boucheron pre­sented his wife Gabrielle with a neck­lace in the form of a ser­pent as a sign of his undy­ing love and pro­tec­tion.

This be­came the cat­a­lyst for a 150-year-long legacy of time­less grace and beau­ti­ful fem­i­nin­ity, and this un­ri­valled sign of de­vo­tion con­tin­ued to ap­pear in count­less in­ter­pre­ta­tions, res­ur­rected as a bea­con of the French jeweller’s iconic savoir-faire.

From the mo­ment the ser­pent ap­peared, its sem­blance has con­tin­uedd to in­spire, never stray­ing from the cre­ations of Boucheron. Manyny years af­ter its in­tro­duc­tion in 1968, the ser­pen­tine mo­tif took on new life with the Ser­pent Bohème col­lec­tion, but what re­mained was its em­blem­at­icblem­atic sig­nif­i­cance as Mai­son Boucheron’s hall­mark spirit and essence.

Liv­ing on as a con­stant design theme, the ser­pent has been rein­vented and in­ter­preted through the del­i­cate crafts­man­ship of the Boucheron carver’s ham­mer and chisel – its scales now bolder, its grainy skin richer, but all the while, un­af­fected by the pass­ing of time.

The new Ser­pent Bohème col­lec­tion evokes the quin­tes­sen­tial Boucheron woman – one who dares, loves, and fol­lows her heart. Hav­ing evolved over time, she is now more fem­i­nine and more as­sertive than ever. This col­lec­tion em­bod­ies her fear­less­ness with a range of in­de­pen­dent pieces to be worn no mat­term the time of day, or the sea­son, in­clud­ing a twisted chain and tal­is­man neck­lace,ne bold bangle bracelet, and a cock­tail ring, each set with pavé di­a­monds.

Un­mis­tak­ablyU un­for­get­table, this col­lec­tion of bold state­ments takes a clas­sic metal and twists, thick­ens, and ma­nip­u­lates it into a new form of beauty, trans­lat­ing this sea­soned mo­tif from theth olden days of Mai­son Boucheron into the clas­sic glam­our of mod­ern jew­ellery. With a sym­bol as fine and fem­i­nine as the ser­pent, there ex­ists a space for cre­ative free­dom. Here,Here Boucheron is aptly up for the chal­lenge. The ex­treme pre­ci­sion of Boucheron’s crafts­man­shipcraf ex­em­pli­fies the sort of ex­per­tise you come to ex­pect from true masters of the trade, a tran­scen­dent mo­ment where each piece seems to ex­ude its own glow, no mat­ter the size of stone or gold sphere; it’s this kind of con­sis­tent ta­lent the pur­vey­ors and col­lec­tors of haute joail­lerie have come to ex­pect.

What the Bucheron crafts­men cre­ate is ever-present and in­spired by the her­itage­herita upon which the brand is built. Take the twisted chain, for ex­am­ple, which this sea­son can be found rein­ter­preted as a neck­lace and a bracelet; that par­tic­u­larpart idea has been rep­re­sented in some form at Boucheron since the ’60s. TheTh chain’s spi­rals and swirls are clas­sic in design, each piece link­ing the wearer with the iconic legacy es­tab­lished by that very first ser­pent neck­lace.

The ever­last­ing el­e­gance of the Ser­pent Bohème col­lec­tion fur­ther ac­cen­tu­ates the beauty of the wearer WhiteWhit gold Ser­pent Bohème ba bangle with full pavé di­a­monds, Boucheron

An artist’s ren­di­tion of Boucheron's Ser­pent

Bohème neck­lace

Ser­pent Bohème Toi et Moi ring, Boucheron

White gold em­anates man­ates the splen­dour r of this drop pen­dant t ear­ring

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