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The J.W. An­der­son and Loewe de­signer’s life by the num­bers. By Tara La­mont-Djite.

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6AM The first thing I do in the morn­ing is have an es­presso – straight up – and read the pa­pers. I like The In­de­pen­dent,

The Times, and the Fi­nan­cial Times. I’m not the best at get­ting my­self break­fast, but if I do, I’ll nor­mally have toast and mar­malade. I have three iPhones – one is for J.W. An­der­son, one is for Loewe, and one is for my per­sonal phone – but I don’t check them at home. I have a dog called Snoopy. He’s an English pointer. I’ve had him for about a year and a half, and he sleeps in the kitchen. Some­times, I’ll jog with him to a park close by, but I also have some­one to walk him. 7AM I have a quick shower – I’m not a bath per­son – and then I get dressed. I’m fast be­cause I wear the same thing ev­ery day: a pair of A.P.C. jeans, a non­de­script white T-shirt, and a navy sweater. I need to have some sort of uni­form. I’ve al­ways got a bag with a note­book and a phone charger in it. I have about 40 dif­fer­ent bags from Loewe and J.W. An­der­son that are in con­stant ro­ta­tion. 7.45AM Whether I’m at home in Lon­don, or in Paris for Loewe, I al­ways like to walk to work. I live close to our of­fice in Lon­don, so it takes around 15 min­utes, and the ho­tel I stay at in Paris is only around five min­utes away from the Loewe of­fice. I’m in Paris a few days a week; I take the Eurostar on Sun­day night and come back on Tues­day evening, and I pass out as soon as I get on. 8AM The first thing I do at the of­fice is re­view the plan for the day to make sure we fit ev­ery­thing in. Then, I usu­ally have a catch-up with my as­sis­tant and go through e-mails. I get about 200 e-mails across both brands and have two dif­fer­ent peo­ple fil­ter them. I’m more of a phone per­son, so if I re­ceive an e-mail, I’d rather re­spond by just pick­ing up the phone. I’m on the phone a lot. I can have any­where from six to 12 meet­ings in a day. In the morn­ing, I do maybe an hour of menswear, an hour of wom­enswear, an hour of ac­ces­sories.

1PM I usu­ally have lunch in a meet­ing, as I don’t stop dur­ing the day – I find it dif­fi­cult to stop my work. I like any­thing from Whole Foods; some­times, I’ll have a rocket salad with tomato, basil, and feta. I find that my big­gest meal of the day is din­ner. I’m a big cheese fan, so it usu­ally has to in­volve cheese of some sort. I could binge eat cheese – I love any blue cheese. Make it strong, make it deadly. I re­ally like juice; I prob­a­bly have about three or four a day. Or­ange juice is my favourite. I also have an es­presso ev­ery two hours or so. I don’t have many in­dul­gences. I sup­pose cig­a­rettes are one; I have about 20 a day. 3PM In the af­ter­noon,

I’ll meet with other

“I ’ m more low-key than peo­ple prob­a­bly think I am. I have my fash­ion life and my per­sonal life.” – J.W. An­der­son

de­part­ments, like mar­ket­ing, to dis­cuss things such as new con­cepts we want to work on or what we’re do­ing in our stores. J.W. An­der­son and Loewe are very dif­fer­ent. There’s a rhythm to each of them. J.W. An­der­son is more about be­ing a so­cial ag­gra­va­tor, whereas Loewe is about riffs on clas­si­cism. 7PM I’ve tried to be­come more strict about leav­ing the of­fice early, but re­cently it’s been later and later, some­times close to 11pm. If I can get out at a de­cent hour, I like to have din­ner with friends, par­tic­u­larly my friend An­drew Web­ster, who I’ve known for about 10 years. If I’m in Lon­don, I’ll go to Chop House. Some­times I don’t want to eat at home, and it’s nice to get out. I’m open to eating any­thing re­ally, ex­cept I’m not too ex­per­i­men­tal with raw fish. That’s the only thing I find to be a lit­tle bit tricky. In Paris, I like eating at the Mini Palais. I tend to go to dif­fer­ent places, but I can never re­mem­ber the names of them. 8.30PM I live in a ho­tel in Paris, so I’m out all the time there, but in Lon­don I try to have more of a bal­ance. I’m more low-key than peo­ple prob­a­bly think I am. I have my fash­ion life and my per­sonal life. Most nights I’m just at home – I kind of shut my­self in­doors. I like red wine; oc­ca­sion­ally I’ll have a glass, or a bot­tle. I like to take some time to sit on the sofa and read or or­gan­ise or do some sketch­ing. I’ll of­ten have mu­sic play­ing. Some­times, I’ll lis­ten to a song on re­peat all night long – any­thing from Ri­hanna. 10PM I might have a treat at home at night. I’m a huge fan of choco­late in any form, es­pe­cially Cad­bury or a fon­dant. Any­thing hot and cho­co­laty. I watch a lot of films and a lot of Net­flix. I like films that are re­ally bad; cheap thrillers like Taken 1, Taken 2, Taken 3 – any­thing where you don’t have to think. Not long ago, I went to see Juras­sic World in 3D and felt like a child again. I buy around 15 to 20 books per week, and I have two gi­ant walls filled with them. I like to buy my books at stores; it’s eas­ier some­times to go to bookshops and find books you wouldn’t ex­pect to. I like the tac­tile sen­sa­tion of books, and I al­ways try to un­cover ones with imagery that isn’t so com­mon. My favourite store is near the Na­tional Por­trait Gallery. It’s very good be­cause it has ev­ery­thing from Bri­tish lit­er­a­ture to art his­tory. I’m a big fan of mod­ern Bri­tish art, so I buy a lot of art books. I re­ally love a new artist called Ma­gali Reus. I think she’s one of the most im­por­tant young artists of the mo­ment in terms of sculp­ture op­er­at­ing in Lon­don. I dis­cov­ered her at the Hepworth Wake­field ex­hi­bi­tion in York­shire. I also like to read. One of my all-time favourite books is Or­lando by Virginia Woolf; I also en­joyed Dublin­ers by James Joyce. Re­cently, I read a book called Cir­cle by Ben Ni­chol­son. It’s about the be­gin­ning of Bri­tish mod­ernism. 11PM I wash my face with Kiehl’s and brush my teeth – I’m usu­ally in bed quite early now. I used to go to bed re­ally late, but now, I nor­mally go to bed by 11. I might put the TV on and lis­ten to BBC News, but I al­ways pass out be­fore

I’ve heard any­thing.

6espres­sos a day

200 e-mails

1 dog named Snoopy

J.W. An­der­son

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