Harper’s Bazaar (Malaysia) - - Spa Awards 2016 -

HEALI NG TOOL Loose and sag­ging skin are the main tar­gets for this state-of-the-art High In­ten­sity Fo­cused Ul­tra­sound (HIFU). Work­ing with the body’s own heal­ing re­sponse, the de­vice helps con­tour and gives a slim­mer and sharper im­pres­sion to the face with­out harm­ing sur­round­ing tis­sues. UPLI FT Not to be mis­taken for a face lift, Doublo is made for those want­ing to ex­tend the ef­fects of cos­metic treat­ments, mi­nus the in­va­sive surgery. Un­like lasers that sim­ply ad­dress the top lay­ers of the skin, this goes deep into the foun­da­tional lay­ers to help lift and treat signs of age­ing. THE F I VE E F F ECTS An amaz­ing feat achieved seam­lessly through this pro­gramme, all your press­ing age­ing con­cerns are ad­dressed when the de­vice trig­gers the pro­duc­tion of elastin and stim­u­lates the re­con­struc­tion of col­la­gen, strength­en­ing the sub­cu­ta­neous lay­ers of the epi­der­mis, reach­ing the con­nec­tive tis­sue layer of mus­cle con­trac­tion, and re­mov­ing un­nec­es­sary fat tis­sue. S117A, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Shop­ping Cen­tre. Tel: 03-2093 6136.

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